| you attention for different people, how to do community service?

You ready to take an examination of community workers should all know, in the part of the community workers written examination, knowledge community is often test content, involved in the community of knowledge content is more extensive, today give you plate according to different people, how to do community service work to take an examination of affection to introduce social work practice part is usually in the form of case, classified according to different objects,Children, adolescents, the elderly, women, the disabled, community correction, preferential placement and other groups were examined.The main types of examination is divided into three kinds: one is the case description of the characteristics of service objects, the difficulties they face, the examination of intervention strategy analysis, the answer needs to start from the physiological, psychological and behavioral aspects of the analysis of the problem, describe the characteristics of service objects, combined with the environment, resources, support network, put forward corresponding strategies.Two is case is given, by choosing a topic examines the general process of social work practice model, the various stages of the mission, characteristics, principles, procedures, contents and methods, etc., such as receive case the steps and skills, the main task of the forecast, in the final work service object to emotional problems, etc., need to pay attention to in the process of preparing the memory of knowledge.The third is to give cases, combined with theoretical analysis and solve problems, such as combined with the case work method of psychosocial treatment mode, humanistic treatment mode analysis for the problems of service objects, what is the best solution, need to combine the basic theory knowledge points in the comprehensive ability of social work analysis.How to do a good job in community service for different groups of people (1) Youth social work The essential characteristic of youth is development, social work for youth is distinguished from the following three categories: 1.Social work for developmental youth to provide ideological and moral education guidance;Provide youth employment information, employment awareness guidance;Provide places for cultural and sports activities to promote communication and collaboration among peer groups;Provide love and marriage services to help solve emotional doubts;Provide physical, psychological, legal, social relationship knowledge counseling.2. Preventive social work for adolescents improves family environment, enhances adolescents’ ability to communicate with their parents, and provides parents with parenting education;The school provides moral and legal knowledge courses to help teenagers establish correct values.The administrative departments work together to prevent and correct the delinquent behaviors of marginalized teenagers, and to prevent the possibility of re-offending of those who have previously committed crimes.3. Social work for therapeutic youth provides corrective services for illegal and criminal behaviors of adolescents with problems;To provide economic, living, schooling and housing subsidy services for adolescents with financial difficulties;Provide protective placement services for young people who have been neglected or abused by their families;Promote the role of family, school and society in juvenile correction work through social legislation and system construction.(2) The elderly social work the main characteristics of the elderly is physical, psychological aging, social role change, bring physical health, economic security, social participation, family life and other aspects of the need, to this, social service work should be solved from the following aspects: 1.Health services maintenance of physical health: regular medical check-ups and risk assessment;Organize health education lectures;Popularize knowledge of chronic diseases;Make physical exercise program;Provide meal delivery service and household service for the elderly with mobility difficulties;Age-appropriate modification in the home and community.Maintain mental health: deal with the cognitive and emotional problems of the elderly, timely solve depression, dementia, delirium, anxiety, help the elderly to solve the factors causing the problem.2. Economic security services apply for and obtain economic subsidies and material services for the elderly in need, link resources, and guarantee the basic living needs of the elderly.3. Social participation services to build recreational and sports facilities and places for the elderly, organize activities that the elderly enjoy, encourage the elderly to go out of their families and establish contact with other elderly people;Provide public welfare posts for the elderly, and gain a sense of achievement while giving full play to spare heat;Opening up the channel of expressing opinions is conducive to the government’s targeted solution to the needs of the elderly.4. Family life services for the elderly with children, to help handle the relationship between the two generations, promote mutual understanding and respect, prevent and solve conflicts;For the elderly who have no children or whose children are unable to provide care, they will be provided with household services, home care, living care provided by community social workers or volunteers, or taken care of in nursing institutions;For the elderly with marriage needs, provide appropriate marriage services, enjoy the warmth of the elderly family life.

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