With the help of enterprises, Shuanglai has joined hands to provide a safe box lunch for the fight against COVID-19

The epidemic is merciless.During this period, the strength of love from all over the country came to Laixi’s aid. They stuck to the front line and fought day and night to fight against the epidemic together with the people of Laixi. Their meal guarantee touched the hearts of the people of Laixi.Love hotel free delivery box lunch affected by the epidemic, Lacey restaurant hotel basically closed.In order to let frontline prevention and control personnel eat hot meals, sanshan Island Seafood Hotel and other caring enterprises for frontline personnel free of charge to send 200 meals per meal, 600 meals per day.”From cutting and frying vegetables to packaging and delivery, we strictly control every process to ensure food safety,” said a hotel official.To ensure the supply of boxed lunches, Lacey set up a boxed lunch action group to raise funds.Qingdao Rubber sixth hose, Wanfu Group, Heis Hainuo, Shengtai Real estate and other more than 60 enterprises and more than 20 caring people actively donated love box lunch purchase funds.Because laixi city collective catering enterprises have been operating at full capacity, the action group from the nearest collective catering qualification laiyang a hotel order box lunch, to aid Laiyang personnel sent to Laixi people’s enthusiasm and warmth.In order to ensure the food safety of catering units in different places, laiyang Market Supervision Bureau responded quickly, carried out on-site inspections, urged enterprises to strictly control food safety, to ensure the safety of front-line anti-epidemic personnel.Double “lai” an organic whole embodies incisively and vividly at this moment.▲ Laiyang Market Supervision Bureau to strengthen food safety supervision for catering units

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