Private good book “invincible from sacrifice ancestral master begins”, all let let, I take is the leading role script

Chapter 3 Demon Spirit into the imperial Demon department two years, zhou Tao through sacrifice respectively obtained three talisman, respectively with the ability to attack, killing strength is extremely strong.’The Three-star talisman, that’s a good thing!Zhou Dao could not help saying.The fruitor also has grades, with one star being the lowest and nine the strongest.In Pingan Town, the three-star talisman is a rare treasure.Listen to those who cut demon wei said, a three – star fruu in the square can buy twelve pure gold.Pure gold is not ordinary gold. Seventy percent of the gold is blue, eighty percent is yellow and ninety percent is purple…Only ten percent of gold is scarlet.The so-called “gold is not perfect, no man is perfect”, meaning that ten percent of gold is non-existent.The real pure gold is made by the practitioner with the alchemy of alchemy. It is added with big medicine, calcined with lead and mercury, and refined into gold.This kind of pure gold can also be refined to behead the demon, and even can be used as medicine, extremely precious.’Keep it!Zhou Dao is grinning, as collect money to get addicted to the soil rich man, will that way income waist clumsy inside the silk sachangsa.This sachet is also precious. It is called Qingpan Treasure bag. The space inside is almost as big as the whole imperial demon department.At the beginning, Zhou Dao sacrificed a high evil level demon to obtain this storage bag.That also is so far, zhou Dao meets only a head of evil level high demon.After all, the town of Peace is not big, there is no famous mountains and rivers around, can not be out of what big monster.Every month down, at most is to catch more than a dozen evil low-level demons.Sometimes, in order to achieve the target at the end of the year, the department would organize a team to hunt demons to other towns, or directly into the mountains to hunt demons.Of course, the remains of those monsters are all cheap.”And a yellow demon. Don’t waste it.”Zhou Dao flicked his finger and a drop of scarlet blood flew out and landed on the weasel.”Sacrifice!The body of the yellow demon burns up, and in a twinkling of an eye it turns into dust and slowly dissipates.A mechanical voice rang through Zhou Dao’s mind, followed by a streamer falling.Zhou Dao raised his hand to catch, spread out the palm, a purple Dan pills, sending out qin people’s aroma.”Neiyuan Dan again!”Neiyuan Dan can wash the marrow of the YI Jing, strengthen the viscera inside, nourish flesh and blood outside, it is the secret medicine of practice.To deal with monsters, mainly rely on blood.To strengthen the body is to cultivate the body.The stronger the body, the more blood it can hold.Like yellow devil such evil low level demon, after the sacrifice is to obtain the inner yuan Dan.”I don’t know when I can reach the eighth change.”Zhou Dao murmured softly.Lian boundary eight changes, the body of pure Yang force rich, blood metamorphosis again, such as true fire.Ordinary monsters can’t even get close.Such a level of master, I am afraid in the town of peace belong to the invincible existence.According to zhou Dao two years of observation, the imperial demon department should be no refining environment nine change master.You can’t live in such a small place like that, you’ve already been transferred to the big city.”Work hard and sacrifice to our ancestors.”Zhou Dao repeatedly told himself.If he wants to become stronger, he has to stick to his current job and constantly sacrifice his ancestors. Only then can he have the hope of breakthrough.Thinking of this, Zhou Dao opened his mouth and swallowed the inner yuan Dan directly.Majestic medicinal power into a warm current, scattered into the limbs of the human body, sleeping blood like a monster, and add a point of strength….The next day, Zhou Dao went on as usual.Just walked into the door of the imperial demon department, they heard a burst of noise.Everybody gets together in groups, talking.”Boss, what took you so long?Something big is happening!”Wang Xiaoyi head on walked over, zhou Dao pulled to the side.’What’s the matter?”Xu Gan has broken through!””Huh?”Zhou Dao leng for a while, last night when we met, Xu Gan or lian border four changes.Moreover, with his eyesight, xu Gan could easily see that there was still a large distance between his foundation and the five changes in lian Jing.(Warm reminder: the full text of the novel can be read by clicking on the end of the article card) a night to break through?”This guy is now in five changes, I’m afraid he will be more defiant!”Wang Xiaoyi protested.Xu Gan is proud, by his beheading the identity of the demon wei, never will Zhou Dao in their eyes, always think that others just beheading the demon wei foil.Now, he stepped into the lian state five changes, more arrogant nature.This level of master, in the imperial demon department is not much.”He’ll have another white feather on his coat.”Zhou Dao could not help saying.Now Xu Gan is white feather three feather, breakthrough realm, inevitable promotion raise.They are white feather and four feathers.”People compare people, infuriating people!”Wang Xiaoyi gnashed her teeth.Their monthly salary was two ounces of silver.The monthly salary of a beheading demon with two feathers is fifteen ounces of silver.Bai Ling sanyu monthly salary is 35 liang Bai Ling siyu monthly salary is 52, this does not include some other training resources subsidies.These subsidies are not feng Demon teacher.The huge pay gap leads to the superiority of those who cut the demon.”You don’t need money.”Zhou Dao did not feel, he just want to nest in the department of the imperial demon, quietly sacrifice grandfather good.”I don’t like the way that guy looks like he’s arrogant.”Wang Xiaoyi was as excited as a horse, restless all over, but I do not know how to vent.”Brother Xu’s promotion is gratifying. We will have to rely on him more in the future.””After all, it is Brother Xu who is so powerful that he has become a demon in this grade. I am afraid that it won’t be long before he will be transferred to the city.””Brother Xu has to treat!”Just then, Xu Gan came out, smiling and smiling.”Easy to say, tonight drunk fairy building, I do host.”Xu Gan waved his big hand, causing a great jubilation.Drunk xian Lou is the biggest restaurant in Pingan town, the cheapest table also want 22.Xu Gan was so rich that he didn’t care about peanuts.”Huh?”At this point, Zhou Dao’s brow lifted.His mind how strong, will be aware of Xu Gan’s eyebrows unexpectedly have a black gas surging, such as a small snake like drilling into the body, fleeting.”There!?”Demonic to demonic things, just like human blood, is the energy that sustains this particular life form.After the death of the demon, the body of the evil rot, will be turned into evil.Does Xu Gan’s body conceal a trace of evil spirit unexpectedly?He’s not just human, he’s a beheading guard!Zhou Dao looked suspiciously at Xu Gan, who seemed to feel the fiery gaze and turned his head.Their eyes met.”He’s practicing with the aid of monsters!?”Zhou Dao speculated.There are some taboos in the work manual of the Imperial Demon Department. Besides special treatment, some monsters can give birth to many miracles for human use.For example, there is a kind of demon named, it is said that pigs and porpoises live for 15 years, grow green teeth, into a demon.After the death of the bauerschwein, the evil inside the body does not go away. After the corruption of the body, the stomach will also turn into a monster named.The secreted fluid is said to dissolve fat.If humans take this liquid, they can lose at least 50 jin a month without exercise or diet.At one time, the liquid was all the rage among the upper classes.A drop of gastric fairy liquid, can sell fifty two pure gold.But if you take too much, you’ll melt away, or if you’re unlucky, you’ll turn into a monster of skin and bones.Because this uses similar taboo extremely much, be prohibited by explicit order.”It’s not a common demon!”Zhou Dao what eyesight, can deceive the department of imperial demon many masters, visible xu Gan behind the monster is extraordinary.But…’I don’t care!Zhou Dao turned around and moved towards the room of the demon convergence.He just wanted to do nothing and sacrifice his ancestors in peace.”Doug, where’s that bunny-monster from last night?”At this point, Wang Xiaoyi caught up.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!

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