Ordos to optimize the business environment “magnification” : to meet the standards of the north, Shanghai and Guangzhou

The picture shows the scene of the Business Environment Optimization Conference held in Ordos.Ordos, a major coal city, has drawn up a 500-article action plan on optimizing the city’s business environment, according to an official announcement on Monday.The 500 action plans were distributed to each participant at the Ordos City conference on “Benchmarking advanced, Catching up and Surpassing” and optimizing the business environment held here on February 15.Reporters learned that the 500 action plan behind the target content includes: the city decided to create the country’s best government, market, legal and social environment.Another official said: in the New Year, the city will continue to optimize the whole life cycle services of enterprises, build the first competitiveness of business environment, and strive to build a national excellent business environment city in two years.Ordos was once known for its coal, but in the context of the “dual carbon” goal, how the city will differentiate itself and make up for its technological shortcomings is not only a major issue that local authorities must face, but also what the outside world expects from the western Chinese city.The reporter noticed that “keeping up with the best” has become a popular phrase used by local authorities to build the first competitive environment in the New Year.At the meeting held on the same day, the Development and reform Commission of Ordos city “turned inward” and actively exposed its own shortcomings, saying that the city’s digital foundation does not match the “all-in-one network operation”.According to reports, the city’s data platform is not capable of supporting online government services, the collection of basic data is not comprehensive, the operation mechanism is not smooth, data sharing among various departments is insufficient, and the “one-stop operation” has not been fully realized.How to solve the problem?The answer given by Ordos Development and Reform Committee is to target Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Hangzhou, the first batch of national pilot cities for business environment innovation, learn from these cities, and make ordos’s first-class business environment a “golden sign” for “warming the world”.Scientific and technological innovation is also the main link of Erdos for excellence.Ordos City science and Technology Bureau news shows, from the perspective of innovation resources, Ordos city has no key colleges and universities and big institutions, sophisticated innovative talents are very short……In this context, the city has decided to focus on technological innovation as the best option for “overtaking the curve” in the New Year.According to the introduction, the city decided to mark Suzhou scientific and technological innovation, the deeper consideration is to suzhou as a fulcrum, leveraging the Yangtze River Delta region and Ordos city science and technology interaction, talent flow, industrial linkage.Scientific and technological innovation, talent is the key.In the New Year, Ordos will further promote the cooperation with Tsinghua University, Peking University, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) and other universities and institutes;We will introduce and support a number of academicians from Peking University, Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University, speed up the research of key generic technologies and the application of their achievements, and build a number of iconic innovation teams.Sources from the Ordos Financial Office show that in the New Year, the city will combine the reality of Ordos, in the evaluation of green financing enterprises, green financing project evaluation, green financial structure evaluation and other aspects of the establishment of standards to standardize, to make a pilot contribution to the overall development of green finance in Inner Mongolia.Ejin Horo Banner in Ordos city released the “big recruit” in the New Year is: to carry out investment attraction, closely watch the world’s top 500, China’s top 500 and large listed companies, speed up to attract a number of heavyweight, leading projects.Ordos is ambitious in targeting the north, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and has officially issued several policies of Ordos to support the development of industrial clusters on 15th.The reporter noticed that the industrial clusters that Ordos is trying to build include new energy heavy truck industry chain, green hydrogen industry chain, scenery industry chain, energy storage industry chain, aviation industry chain, talent introduction and training industry chain, digital industry chain and so on.Local people said that behind ordos’s “big move” to improve the business environment, the city is confident to write a new chapter of splendor.Source: Chinanews.com Inner Mongolia (Reporter: Li Aiping)

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