Obsessive-compulsive disorder: rehabilitation of obsessive-compulsive disorder requires such psychological preparation

Obsessive-compulsive disorder patients have a common problem, is eager to quickly recover their own obsessive-compulsive disorder.Obsessive-compulsive friends think about it, do you have such an idea?Is there such a desire?Obsessive-compulsive disorder is formed for a long time, the formation of obsessive-compulsive disorder has experienced a long process, freezing is not cold in a day, to overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder, even if the correct adjustment, also need a relatively long process.Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a kind of stubborn pathological psychological habits, has formed an inertial conditioned reflex, it will automatically play a role.To change this kind of inertial conditioning reflex, to change this kind of pathological psychological habit, it needs to continue to carry on the positive reinforcement.Now the heart of the people are more impetuous, desire is relatively large, the greater the desire is more painful.Obsessive-compulsive disorder patients heart is impetuous, filled with an extreme desire.Want to quickly overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder, want to find a panacea to overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder, this itself is an extreme desire, in the extreme desire, will produce extreme pain.Obsessive-compulsive disorder itself will bring some pain, the pain has made obsessive-compulsive disorder patients unbearable, eager to seek to get rid of obsessive-compulsive disorder, to overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder, but can not overcome, can not get rid of, and this will produce new pain, which magnates the pain of obsessive-compulsive disorder.When the pain of obsessive-compulsive disorder is amplified, obsessive-compulsive disorder patients feel more fuel on the fire, difficult to endure, so more eager to get rid of obsessive-compulsive disorder, overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder, into a new round of pain magnifying vicious circle.In a vicious cycle of repeated layers of pain, the sufferer experiences an extreme form of pain.To solve the problem of obsessive-compulsive disorder is nothing more than to solve the problem of obsessive-compulsive disorder pain.Ocd patients eagerly want to quickly get rid of his obsessive compulsive disorder, on the surface is to want to get rid of their various symptoms, but see the essence through the formal appearance of symptoms, it is to want to solve the problem of pain, but because of the way to solve the pain there is a problem, not only did not solve their own pain, did not reduce his pain, but let the pain of their expansion, pain increased.Only the right psychological response to the symptoms of compulsion, in order to reduce obsessive-compulsive disorder, in order to reduce their pain, now there is no rehabilitation of obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, are to take a wrong way of psychological response to obsessive-compulsive disorder, the wrong way of psychological response will increase the habit of pathological psychological response.In order to solve the problem of obsessive-compulsive disorder, do not have fluke psychology, OBSessive-compulsive disorder can not be solved in a very short time, the formation of obsessive-compulsive disorder is doomed to solve obsessive-compulsive disorder also need a period of time, need a process.Rehabilitation of obsessive-compulsive disorder do not pursue quick effect, the pursuit of quick effect is the slowest, which has been confirmed in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, you have been eager to seek to get rid of, has been in the pursuit of quick effect, but there is no success, it is impossible to succeed.Obsessive-compulsive disorder patients need to give themselves a period of time, take out this period of time to carry out meditation, let their particularly impetuous heart calm down, to re-examine themselves, know themselves, observe themselves, understand themselves, no longer in a hurry, no longer to pursue quick results.Change starts from the heart. Author Hao Tiannian: Obsessive compulsive disorder rehabilitation, senior psychotherapist, focus on the research and treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder.Ocd original articles continue to share updates.

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