Heyuan a woman “network loan” cheated 240,000 yuan!

The Spring Festival holiday has come to an end when all walks of life have entered the “start mode” when the professional cheater also began for the New Year’s “performance” sprint in the face of the endless network loan fraud we how to better defend their “money bag”?Recently, Ms. Wu in Yuancheng District received a strange phone call, the other party claimed to help with unsecured loans.Ms. Wu needed some money recently, so she added friends and downloaded an APP.But in ms wu, fill in relevant application materials after the page has been showed unable to withdraw then need to ms wu change bank account information and pay the membership fee and security and in a variety of reasons for ms wu transfer and ms wu many times in order to get a loan for many times to the other party designated account transfer has finally been tricked into a total of 240000 yuan of the fraud means it is not uncommon to see the key is to see their faceOnline loan fraud is to take advantage of the victim’s psychological need for funds, with “low interest, high amount, fast to the account” and other words to lure the victim to submit personal ID card, bank card information, and then use a variety of reasons to request transfer remittance, the implementation of fraud.Since January this year, heyuan City public Security Bureau has received 57 cases involving network loan fraud, involving an amount of about 1.84 million yuan police reminded the public to actively install and use the “national anti-fraud center” APP, enhance anti-fraud awareness, all loans should choose national formal financial institutions, do not take any chance.Xie Mengyi, instructor of comprehensive Coordination Team of New Crime Investigation Detachment of Heyuan Public Security Bureau:”The first is must from normal loan platform company to apply for a loan, don’t click on the network to push some of the ads, if when apply for a loan to need to pay or transfer a link, then you must be aware that this is fraud, we remind people not to click on the message sent by links to many links is false platform.”One, five key words: without any mortgage.Key words two: pay the fee before the loan.Key words three: ultra-low interest loan.Key word four: mortgage loan does not pledge, want id card only.Key words: no need to meet fax contract.① “No need for any collateral, just need to provide” ID card “and other information to get a loan.② “With an ID card, no matter whether you are a black or white household, you can get a loan on the same day.”③ “We can do large amount, low interest loans, no mortgage, no requirement for credit investigation.”1. Swindlers use SMS, web ads or direct large-scale phone calls to attract victims, usually with “large amount, low interest and no requirement for credit investigation” as bait.2. After being hooked, the victim will be asked to fill in the information, and then the swindler will ask for the transfer with reasons such as “pay credit insurance”, “brush bank statement”, “account needs to be activated”, “do not continue to be sued” and so on.3. After the transfer, the swindler will inform the victim that the loan will arrive in a few days, and then shield the victim from disappearing.In a word, pay money before lending is a cheater

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