Airlines after 00 female aircraft management: and aircraft “make friends” to ensure the safety of each aircraft entering and leaving the port

They are a group of young people, striving for new positions in the new era, such as aircraft maintenance engineer, maintenance engineer of big data center and agricultural uav pilot……”Fresh clothes angry horse youth, brandish party reported home country”.Since ancient times, young people have been the mainstay of The Times. Each generation of young people has their own different mission, to achieve greater success with their own personal destiny closely linked with the country and the nation.This Spring Festival, they will stick to their posts.We can’t get together with our relatives so that more people can enjoy a peaceful Spring Festival.Only have faith in the heart, the foot will have power.This new group of young people will turn their ideals and beliefs into a driving force to move forward. Their blood and fighting spirit will eventually become valuable wealth, so that their youth will blossom in the places where the country and people need it most.At 2 o ‘clock in the morning of January 27th, the night of Chongqing in winter was cold and foggy, and the temperature on the tarmac was only 5℃.Her face and hands felt stiff and cold, but it was a habit for Xu yaqian, who was carrying a kit and carrying out a routine check on a plane that had just flown back.Xu Yaqian is an aircraft maintenance engineer of Huaxia Airlines, also known as an aircraft maintenance engineer. She is a post-00 girl from Shaanxi province.This year, she will stay in Chongqing to escort passengers who fly in and out during the Spring Festival.She proudly said that the maintenance staff is like the doctor of the plane, and it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of every plane in and out of the port!Xu Yaqian, a “millennial baby” in those days, is now a graceful and heroic Huaxia Airlines aviation engineer.As a native of Shaanxi province, she was exposed to various aircraft models since she was a child because a relative of her family worked at Yan Liang’s Xi ‘an Aircraft Industry Company.Small Ya Qian often trance to look at the sky a plane takeoff and landing, just like a small dove flying.At that time, she planted an “airplane dream” in her mind.In order to realize her dream, she chose civil aviation college in the college entrance examination and was admitted to Guangzhou Civil Aviation Vocational And Technical College, majoring in aircraft electronic equipment maintenance.Ya Qian graduated in June 2020. After the “New Yu Training Camp”, she officially came to Work in Huaxia Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., LTD. At present, she is an airline technician of Airbus A320 Flight Cloud A team.Yaqian’s main task is the daily maintenance and inspection of the aircraft, troubleshooting.Pre-flight will also be around the machine inspection, tire pressure measurement, mirror cleaning, cockpit routine inspection.Few girls are engaged in maintenance work, especially front-line maintenance.The ratio of men to women is less than 50:1.Why are there so few female pilots?Yaqian explained that front-line maintenance work is relatively boring and onerous, and if girls are not physically strong enough, they will be inferior to men in terms of time and work completion.For example, battery replacement in the electronic cabin: the space of the electronic cabin is narrow, coupled with the height of the plane, it is necessary to hold more than 10 pounds of battery with both hands, with the help of a ladder to drill, every time the battery replacement out of the whole body sweating.Each class will check and maintain an average of more than ten planes a day, maintenance work and often need to be carried out in the middle of the night, stay up more vigil, sun and rain is common.But Ya Qian said, “I already know this, it’s ok, I’m not afraid of hardship!”After working with airbus A320 for half a year, Xu became more and more fond of her “big friend”.Round fairing, smooth aerodynamic profile, high landing gear.Mention above each structure, each component, Ya Qian is like a family treasure.But it is not easy to take good care of this “big baby”.Aircraft maintainers are “obsessively careful” — for example, regulations require three counts of tool kits: the type and number of tools must be counted when they are unpacked, moved and sealed.To prevent the loss of tools on the plane to create a safety hazard.Ya Qian asks oneself to be like the predecessors in that way, want to count back and forth at least two times, even three times!Every time the plane returned to the tarmac, Ya Qian and her colleagues began to get busy, doing a comprehensive “physical examination” and troubleshooting for the plane.Ya Qian still remember, she just became a technician on duty for the first time, the first day of the leadership is still joking that the little sister’s “ceremony” is not as good as changing the brake.Unexpectedly, the second day night shift also really met!The master took her, deflated the wheel, and then removed it.The main wheel is so heavy and large that it reaches waist level that it takes two men to fit it on.The use of how much sleeve, how much weight table have clear standards, but also need to make insurance, to ensure that some parts will not fall off, and then with the help of a jack, up to let the wheels suspended.When installing how to pound torque, as well as several times of torque, there are strict specification requirements.When installing the brake, pay attention to the parts installation and torque to play how much.After installing, also make sure that the brakes are properly installed.Finally get up, Ya Qian full hands are black, but can learn to change the brakes for the plane, her heart can be happy.As an engineer, most of the time work is very boring, always doing the same thing.But Yaqian believes that these “boring” and “repetitive” work is essential to ensure flight safety.”It was fun learning about new jobs that I hadn’t done before!”Every time before departure wave let passenger Xin Anya qian love to see the airport every sunrise, the sun shines on the tarmac, the wing like dotted with a shining star;She likes to wave goodbye to passengers every time she sees them off.”Before take-off, the main purpose of the wave is not to say goodbye, but to tell the pilot that the plane is ready and all parts have been checked and there are no bad signs, so the plane can take off smoothly.”We can often see the scene of waving hands when flying, and Yaqian reveals the “mystery” of this gesture.Waving is not only a clear indication to the pilot, but also a reassurance to all passengers.This moment, full of warmth and a sense of ceremony, is a particularly happy moment for Yaqian.Sometimes a passenger sitting by the porthole would smile and wave at her.In Yaqian’s opinion, the wave and smile represent the joy of flying and the affirmation of her work.Yaqian’s wish is to become a clearance officer as soon as possible – which means she can sign off on the flight log book to make sure the plane is airworthy.This needs to go through a long process: have enough work experience to test R3 license, but also to test the model license, through the English examination……Young Ya Qian has prepared, step by step toward this goal firmly.The Spring Festival in Chongqing to replicate the “taste of home” came to China Airlines more than a year, Ya Qian from airline assistant engineer to now airline technician, also began to sign orders to work cards, and strive to learn more troubleshooting experience.She said that after she became a technician, every pre-flight and post-flight detour made her more responsible. Every inspection was for the safety of the flight — she assumed more responsibility on her shoulders and urged herself to be more rigorous and meticulous.From the preparation of tools, inspection of the apron to the manual of the three inventory work, inspection around the machine, as well as the signing of the work card, always embodies the word “rigorous”.”This job is very tiring and very fulfilling!”The Spring Festival is coming. Ya Qian is homesick.In the Spring Festival of the past, pasting paper-cuts and making dumplings were traditional activities for the whole family.This year, I couldn’t go home because of the epidemic and the task of ensuring the Spring Festival travel rush.The mother seemed to know what was on her daughter’s mind and called her early: “My daughter, don’t worry about us.We saw the plane in the sky and thought we saw you!”Her parents understand her work and support her very much.But Ya Qian is still very miss family, miss grandma package of leek yellow sheep meat dumplings, bite a mouthful, full of oil immersion, can be fragrant.She plans to make dumplings with her colleagues on New Year’s Day, so that even if she can’t go home, she can have a “taste of home” in Chongqing.This Spring Festival, Xu Yaqian will spend with the plane again.”For the safe take-off and landing of millions of people, every drop of sweat, every sleepless night, is worth……”With a twinkle in her eye, the young girl walked toward her beloved plane.Upstream news client is not marked with “source: upstream news” or “upstream news LOGO, watermark text, pictures, audio video” and other manuscripts are reproduced.If the reproduced manuscript involves copyright and other issues, please contact upstream.To report

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