This Spring Festival, I worked 997: overtime pay of 3000 yuan, the resignation application has been submitted

Editor’s note: Bid farewell to the night of the city and go to the depths of the clouds in my hometown.Trapped by the epidemic for two years, the post-90s generation crossed mountains and seas to return home for reunion.In their homeland, they are more like foreigners for a short stay.In their perspective, they saw the changes in human feelings, social changes, and feelings of family and country.On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Yin tiger, Time Finance launched the series “My Hometown, My Foreign Land”, this is the eighth article.”The hotel cold lamp alone do not sleep, the guest’s heart turned sad?Hometown tonight think thousands of miles, frost temples Ming another year.”More than 1,000 years ago, Tang Dynasty poet Gao Shi wrote this homesick poem on New Year’s Eve when he was unable to get together with his family.Now, more than a thousand years later, although thousands of miles are no longer an obstacle to returning home, many people are too busy to get together with their families during the Spring Festival.In recent years, major Internet companies will launch limited activities during the Spring Festival, and the flow of online games and other leisure and entertainment products will peak during the holiday. Many Internet people also join the team of working overtime during the Spring Festival.Some of them felt the Spring Festival spirit when working overtime with colleagues, some took the train home the night before New Year’s Eve to be with their families, and some decided to quit their jobs after the New Year because they could not stand the long hours.This year is li Li’s second Spring Festival in the company.He works for the Internet giant, which has a New Year’s Eve launch that his team has been working on for months.On New Year’s Eve, most of the team stayed behind.The seats between colleagues were closer than usual, li Li felt that the company seemed to have more people than usual that night.The company has also prepared some small activities on New Year’s Eve. A place is set at the door to take photos and clock in. Groups will discuss wearing the same color clothes to take photos.Before work began in the evening, the leader gave a motivational speech and handed out a red envelope of 10,000 yuan in the group.In addition, the company also prepared a red envelope of 500 yuan for each colleague.”What the leader says has nothing to do with the specific tasks. He just says that everyone has worked hard and what will happen if the activities are well done.”I don’t think most of my colleagues were too resistant to the idea of working overtime, and under the circumstances, what the leader said really inspired us, because we had spent so much time preparing just for tonight.”Li Li company also invited chefs to cook dinner in the canteen that night. Dishes included Peking duck, roast lamb chops, lobster, dumplings and so on.Although it was more abundant than usual, the dishes in the dining hall still looked sad compared to the New Year’s Eve dinner at home.When Li li posted pictures of the dinner to her family group, her sister asked, “Didn’t the company treat you to a big dinner?””Mom replied below:” This is not bad, but also a feast.A project that had been in the works for months went live just after 7pm on New Year’s Eve.From 7 o ‘clock to midnight, it is the time for family members, but for Li Li, it is the most important and busiest time at work, and almost no one talks in the office.”Everyone was working and there was no time to think about anything else.”Li Li thinks that it is also like New Year when people get together to do the same thing in the office or even at work.The project ended around 12:30. At twelve o ‘clock, we shouted “Happy New Year” with the countdown of the Spring Festival Gala.After the project, the team went out to eat Haidilao.Li Li did not participate and rushed back to accompany his lover.His wife also stayed with him in Beijing, because Li Li worked overtime, she chose to spend the New Year’s Eve at a friend’s home.Even if you are thousands of miles away from home and have a busy job, having your family around you is a barrier.But for some people out of town, New Year’s Eve can be lonely even if they don’t need to work.When Li Li took a taxi home in the evening, the taxi driver told him that he was bored and would drive to the streets after watching the Gala to earn some money.I didn’t go home for the Spring Festival for two years, and my family complained more or less.Li told Time Finance that he would like to go home for the Spring Festival if he has the chance next year, but the company event is held every year.”The head of the department has been in the company for so many years and never had a chance to go home during the Spring Festival. If I want to stop working overtime, I can only train new people. When the new people can work independently, I can let go a little bit.”During the Spring Festival, I worked overtime for 7 days and submitted a resignation application. Although it was hard, the treatment of the Internet factory was also quite generous.Li li will get 5,000 yuan a day for working overtime on New Year’s Eve.Others feel the disparity between giving and receiving.Qi Tian works in a game company in Changsha. Many people play games during the Spring Festival. The company also launched New Year’s Activities, from The New Year’s Eve to the seventh day, there is no rest time for one day.”Compulsory overtime, no leave allowed, everyone has to work overtime, and there is no time off after the New Year.If you choose to go home, you don t get paid overtime and you have to do all your work at home.Monkey said.From the first day to the third day, the salary is three times (basic salary), from the fourth day to the seventh day, twice the salary, including the meal allowance, the overtime pay during the Spring Festival is 3000 yuan in total.Qi Tian thinks, this money is not much.”On the first day of the New Year, the administrative director gave symbolic red envelopes to everyone, but only 100 per person.”In most people’s impression, Changsha is full of urban atmosphere, leisurely life and slow pace.Li Li felt that although the pace of life in the city was slow, the work was not easy at all, and he always had a single day off, but the company in Changsha has been good.”In terms of overtime work, changsha is like this. There are very few companies that take two days off. My company has already surpassed half of all companies in Changsha in terms of paying five insurments and one housing fund.”Qi tian lives in Hunan province and it takes less than three hours to get home. But she was too busy at work to go back for the Spring Festival. Her family wanted to spend the Spring Festival with her in Changsha, but she refused.”I am too busy to accompany them when I come.”‘I didn’t feel the taste of the New Year in the company,’ Qi told Time Finance. ‘Everyone was busy. There was no celebration ceremony and happy New Year to each other.”Everyone was swearing, swearing at all sorts of things or people that went wrong.The company has monitoring and dare not scold the leader, the leader will see the monitoring.”New Year’s Eve that day, qitian company arranged the New Year’s Eve dinner, “is in a very ordinary Hunan restaurant, ten people a table, a table point more than ten dishes, colleagues are in, but the leadership did not come.”After dinner, a few colleagues went back to work overtime. When they returned home, they were so tired that they fell asleep and did not have time to call their families.I just called my family during my lunch break on New Year’s Day.The weather in Changsha in February was bleak and cold. On the morning of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, there were almost no people on the road.”On my way to work, I was dreaming about my life after I quit my job, thinking I wouldn’t have to get up in the morning so cold, and I was going for a hike.”Qi Tian was a freelancer before joining the company and has worked here for half a year. She has submitted a resignation application due to overtime work.”However, I need to work overtime until February 8, and I can only resign when the leader comes to work.”Busy work, some people go to their hometown thousands of miles.Sang Sang’s home is in the northeast and she is working as an intern at an Internet giant in Shanghai, doing operations.Because my team is not involved in the Spring Festival project, we do not need to work overtime, but we will have the holiday on the afternoon of 30th.Because she has work to do on the sixth day, she will set out for the company on the fourth day.The early departure was due to the long round trip.Sang sang went home and bought a hard seat. He had to spend more than 20 hours on the train, from the evening until 2 PM the next day.The overnight train ride was not a new experience for Sangsang.As a college student in Harbin, Sang sang chose to practice in places far away from the northeast because he “wanted to experience life”. He practiced for more than a year outside his home, Beijing and Shanghai, and basically traveled by train.”I’ll buy a plane ticket when I get a job.”Sang Sang is busy working in this company, but she likes her job very much and is trying to get a full-time job.This Spring Festival, because the time back and forth is too tight, her family also advised Sangsang not to come back, but she still chose to go home.”It’s too sad to stay alone.”She said.(The respondents were pseudonyms.)

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