The first shot?Central China Normal University was the first to report an underemployment rate of 20 to 30 percent

The employment rate of colleges and universities has been a controversial topic for many years. In mainland China, the employment rate of colleges and universities, ranging from 985,211 to the second and full-time colleges, is uniformly excellent. The employment rate of more than 95% is common, but because of this,The discrepancy between public perception and data makes many people skeptical of the employment rate reported by universities.The first shot of “Honest talk”?However, central China Normal University in Wuhan, Hubei Province, one of the country’s 211 project universities and a first-class university, recently released a very different data, which may be the first epochal firing of universities to open their eyes to the problem.According to the report of the class of 2021 graduates of Huazhong Normal University, we have noticed that the unemployment rate of ordinary normal university students in Huazhong University of Science and Technology is 33.2%, and that of non-normal university students is 23.76%, which is far different from the 90% employment rate of all universities in the past years.From the traditional concept, normal university students are relatively easy to find jobs among students of various majors, while normal university students in Central China Normal University should also be the front of normal university students, which is in sharp contrast to its 33.2% unemployment rate.Where does high unemployment come from?Many netizens think, the problem may be the central China normal university education levels, caused the decrease of the quality of the students, but there are also many net friend said, central China normal university is merely the first made the first “Candide”, will look from some macro data, this time because of huazhong normal university as an “honest man” is more likely.First of all, China’s current population size of flexible obtain employment, according to official statistics, flexible employment population nearly a quarter of the total labor force, on the other hand, with the corresponding number of fresh graduates is a problem, one’s deceased father grind number, also, according to official data released since 2010, just ten years the number of fresh graduates from around 4 million soared more than two times,The number of new graduates will reach 10.7 million in 2021, and the number of people taking the entrance exam for graduate schools will more than quadruple from more than 1 million to about 4.7 million in 2021.It is the problems revealed by these macro data that reflect the authenticity of the employment rate of colleges and universities.Mainland colleges and universities have been suffering from all kinds of formalism, not only reflected in the employment rate, colleges and universities in order to enhance the popularity of the school, recognition, often use are eager for quick results and instant benefits, such as the once sensational treatment of international students problem,In the final analysis, universities adopt some utilitarian methods in order to achieve the level of internationalization.The employment rate issue is the same. In order to improve the employment rate, meet the target, participate in the evaluation of excellence, the universities adopt some measures that are eager for quick success and instant benefits, and even suspected of fraud to quickly increase the employment rate.However, as the first person to “open eyes to the problem”, Central China Normal University is very worthy of encouragement.After all, the employment issue is also a major issue concerning people’s livelihood, and people from all sectors of society have made concerted efforts to address this issue. This is a good thing for both the people and the government.

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