Mayor Zhang Xiaoli led the observation group to observe the concentrated action of comprehensive improvement of the whole region’s living environment

On February 7, mayor Zhang Xiaoli led the observation group to old town, Fo ‘er Lake town and Zengfu Town to observe the comprehensive improvement of the human settlements environment in the whole region.She stressed that we should actively “clean up the six chaos”, seize the opportunity to implement green action, establish and improve the long-term mechanism, change the concept of the masses, so that the village as soon as possible clean up, green up, bright up, beautiful up.Feng Yuanchao, Standing Committee of municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, Hu Jixing, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of Municipal People’s Congress, Liu Chaowei, deputy Director of Management Committee of Municipal Industrial Agglomeration Area, accompanied by others.Leaders of municipal government offices, Municipal Supervision Bureau, Municipal Forestry Development Center, finance Bureau and other departments, and party secretaries of Laocheng town, Fo ‘er Lake Town and Zengfu Town attended the meeting.Zhang Xiaoli and his delegation visited luzhuang community and Ximazhuang community in old towns, Shuzhuang Village and Fo ergang Village in Fo erhu Town, And Huangzhuang Village and Dong Zhuang Village in Zengfu Town to observe the comprehensive improvement of the whole area’s living environment, the building of five beautiful courtyards, and the planning of greening.”What are we doing now?””What’s next?”In the luzhuang community of the old town, Zhang Xiaoli had an in-depth exchange with the head of the town and village on the focus of the comprehensive improvement of the living environment and the planning of the next step.Zhang xiaoli pointed out that comprehensive improvement of the living environment should clarify standards, specify responsibility areas and clarify tasks and responsibilities.Village party branch secretary to clear thinking, proper methods;The village cleaners are responsible for road cleaning, and the road leaders do a good job of supervision;Start from cleaning garbage, sundry, black and smelly water bodies, combined with the demolition of private buildings, and gradually improve the appearance of the village.The community upgraded its main entrance and exit roads last year, will plant fruit trees on both sides of the main street this year and plans to turn the pit into a garden.Zhang Xiaoli stressed that we should do a good job in planning and design, focusing on the rural “six chaos”, as soon as possible to clean up the village.Want to go out, bring in, strengthen study guidance, change village cadre idea.To carry out fruit trees into the village, we should combine the actual situation, select the appropriate tree species, to create a village, a street and a scene.Party members and cadres take the lead in soliciting opinions from the people, arousing their enthusiasm for participation, and realizing joint efforts and shared benefits.Shuzhuang Village of Foerhu Town actively mobilized the masses, organized the masses, relied on the masses, and finally served the masses in the building of “Five Beautiful Courtyards”. It not only awarded MEDALS and other honors to the successful masses, but also awarded material rewards such as brooms.Zhang Xiaoli expressed affirmation to this, and request, seize the current favorable opportunity, seize the plan to implement green action.On the basis of existing afforestation, do a good job of replanting and replanting, strengthen management and conservation;Street, intersection and other key nodes, to see green seams, reasonable beautification, enhance the taste of the village, beauty.After visiting foergang village “Five Beautiful courtyard”, Zhang Xiaoli pointed out that it is necessary to combine the investigation and rectification of housing safety risks and do a good job in building “five Beautiful courtyard”.People’s opinions and suggestions on self-built houses in rural areas should be widely solicited, and several types of houses should be agreed upon to form a reference plan to ensure that self-built houses are in harmony with existing houses in style and color.Zengfu Town Dongzhuang village is the village of remediation, pit bottom, pit along has been flat, planning to plant lotus root.Zhang Xiaoli pointed out that to reasonable design, the pit can be planted around willow, fruit trees, both practical and beautiful.Combined with the treatment of waste pits, we should intensify the comprehensive improvement of the living environment, and do a good job in the work of fruit trees entering villages, renovation of private buildings, construction of drainage roads, and construction of drainage ditches.

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