Make a scene at the conference!Appeal to ioc!South Korea won the gold medal at any cost

Make a scene at the conference!Appeal to ioc!South Korea at any cost, to recover all gold medal after the men’s short track speed skating, as all depend on strong team advantage, win over South Korea and Hungary, while South Korea’s star is in the semi-final, because corner beyond, the danger of being under the yellow, and the Chinese team all and cb, is both promotion, the last of the finals,China team 3 people all promotion, and this game or a little bit of a pity, that is Wu Dajing was the fourth position.Last 2 circles because of physical reasons, choose to give up the game, the fifth Hungary’s have long been Wu Dajing fell behind, found Wu Dajing slipped, don’t just catch up, otherwise the Hungarian players sent off after the Chinese team can do tou, but this is only a table tennis game to see the scene, in fact, in the past 4 years, all have been suffered injuries,Ren Ziwei was rated as one of the most stable players.Every appearances, all will be taken seriously, summed up their experience and the insufficiency, the 1000 – meter race, players are very close, even in the three Chinese players, all fall, but into the finals, even to the NBA finals with is performing experience and luck, but after the South Korea Huang Daxian but a big fight,First, Hwang dae-heon walked away from the press conference and was very angry.For look forward to full winter Olympics reporter, waited for a night, but no interview to the players, is really embarrassed, but also no respect for journalists, and South Korea to appeal the ioc, then at all you recover all of the gold medal, for South Korea’s behavior, don’t take care of image, obviously the new rules, until 2 meters can’t surpass rivals,You can’t pass on corners.And Huang Daxian in corners, almost put the two Chinese players, all ran off, is really should not, and their foul, appeal to the Chinese team, believe that the Olympic committee will give a fair and just as a result, China’s speed skating team don’t need the identity of the host, complete with power, so what do you think of this problem?I hope you can click the follow button in the upper right corner and leave a comment in the comments section!

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