With the addition of sesame paste and Laoganma, the flavor of chow mein is upgraded to n levels and tastes dry and fragrant

Ingredients: handmade noodles, ham sausage, egg, cabbage seasonings: salt, chicken essence, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, Lao Gan Ma, sesame sauce1 ⃣ ️ noodles boiled water pot, boil again had been out of cold water, then drain first shake loose standby (can drain water after good Fried eggs, to prevent the temperature drop down noodles into tuo) 2 ⃣ ️ in egg, pan heat oil, pan fry to finalize the design out of spare 3 ⃣ ️ another dish up burning oil, add cabbage stir Fried soft silk, stir and add the ham silk,Add the noodles that drain moisture next, decal good egg 4 turn small fire or close fire directly, add seasoning directly: proper amount of salt, chicken essence, sheng smoke, old smoke, old dry mother, sesame sauce 5 discount on medium fire stir fry even, let noodles wrap seasoning, such as noodles cooked can open eat!Before the pot can clip a noodle taste, the core of the middle is not white on the cooked ~ this noodle practice, super suitable for one person to eat, the happiness of eating noodles is at the moment, full mouth stay incense satisfied

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