“I do practical things for the masses” the interests of the masses no small matter, do my best to protect you

Lingnan Police Station of Songshan Public Security Sub-Bureau has always kept in mind the concept of “people-centered”, carried out practical activities of “I do practical things for the people”, focused on solving the problems of the people’s “urgent and anxious expectations”, and constantly improved the “happiness index” of the people, and improved their sense of gain, security and satisfaction.At 18:00 on February 8, Lingnan police station received a call for help: a Honda parked in front of their own bath, blocking the water truck, resulting in hot water supply, can not contact the owner, asking for help.The police on duty hurriedly according to the license plate number provided by the alarm, find the owner, but the owner said he will lend the car to Sun mou.Police and Sun mou contact, but the phone has not been connected, police and hurriedly contact Sun mou lover, can hear is still blind sound.Time passed, the water truck was blocked for nearly an hour, if the time is too long, the water in the car is cold, will bring no small loss to the business.Police hurried to sun home, yonghe international community somewhere, very lucky sun is at home, because at home to sleep, phone mute, so did not connect the phone.When the car moved away, the water truck sent hot water to the bath, the police was very excited, and said: I never thought such a small matter, the police can be so serious, meticulous help me to check, really thank you!-END- Article source: Lingnan Police Station

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