Appeal against the verdict, turn around and give the judge a pennant

A court in Zhengan received a special New Year gift recently, when a litigant who appealed against a verdict brought a banner bearing the slogan “Attack with thunderbolt, solve a case promptly, enforce the law fairly and serve the people with enthusiasm”.The plaintiff and the defendant signed a construction contract in 2013, involving more than 10 million yuan. The project was completed in August 2014, but the project was rectified due to quality problems, and the rectification and acceptance were completed in June 2019.After that, the two parties had a dispute over the calculation of project quantity and cost. The plaintiff appealed to the court in May 2020. After the judgment of the first instance, the plaintiff appealed to the court for a retrial of the second instance.During the trial in January 2021, the plaintiff could not provide evidence for the most contentious issues of quantity and cost calculation, and said that due to economic difficulties, he could not afford to pay the appraisal fee, so the trial was in deadlock.After communicating with the parties for many times, the handling judge learned that after the completion of the project, he had applied for audit to the audit institution, but after the audit report came out, he did not get the audit report because he did not pay the full amount of audit fee due to shifting responsibilities.In view of this, considering that the re-appraisal of project cost is a waste of time and money, the presiding judge decided to walk out of the courtroom and take the initiative to go to the audit agency to understand the content of the report. In the process, the audit company delivered the Audit Report after coordinating with the plaintiff to pay part of the audit fee.The judge quickly established the facts of the case and made a decision.At this point, the case can be settled, the two sides lasted for 3 years to solve the dispute.The case is tortuous, but in a bottleneck in the case of litigation, the judge did not just in case, but stand in the perspective of the parties take the initiative to coordinate the relevant units, investigation to verify the main evidence, active as a way to get the regular appraisal procedures, saved a large appraisal charge and time for the parties concerned, effectively reduce the financial burden of the parties to litigation at the same time also gives the verdict according to the can depend on,To ensure the quality and efficiency of the case, effectively avoid the case not settled for a long time, so that the parties feel the warmth of justice.Source: is the author: anxian county court | Zhao Bin xin review: Zhao Ying, jin jing | editor: heavy Yang

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