Yingzhuang Town, Wolong District, Nanyang City: Morchella “grows” to become rich

In early spring, morels were harvested in lvpan Village, Yingzhuang Town, Wolong District, Nanyang City. Farmers were grabbing the opportunity to pick morels.Morchella is a kind of rare edible fungus, rich in crude protein and a variety of amino acids, with the reputation of “meat in vegetable”.”The party committee and the government of the town helped us integrate the poverty alleviation industry project funds of 2.2 million yuan from the three neighboring villages, and concentrated in the construction of 110 morels greenhouses in our village. The income of the greenhouses is expected to be 40,000 yuan, which can drive the employment of nearly 100 people nearby.”Lu Pan village branch secretary Su Chuanju introduction.In recent years, the town party committee government zhuang “global party” as the leading, in the village of Lv Pan developing morchella industry, using the industrial town of project funding and funding for poverty alleviation, give play to the role of grass-roots party branch dominant, attract planting large and the masses to participate in, out of a “government guide, branch dominant, the masses participate in” industry of new path to riches.Town party committee government active guidance.Yingzhuang town party committee government through scientific research and judgment, took the lead in lvpan village to try to develop morchella planting, to help set up morchella planting professional cooperatives.In the second half of 2021, the town party committee government will surrounding high camp village zhuang, phase subtree village into the morchella industry development plan, the integration of the three administrative villages in the country more than 170, in the revitalization of the cohesion project funding circulation land 90 mu, the new greenhouses 90 morchella, and adhere to the implementation of “global party” for the gripper, centered on Lv Pan village, joint high camp, phase subtree village party organization,Set up joint party branch zhuang town morchella characteristic industry development, adhere to the joint meeting shall be convened at least once a week, on the land circulation, crop rotation, scale, labor services, technical services and other issues, promote the development of morchella industry as a whole, the implements “work collusion, method GongYi, problem solution, cohesive forces, mix together”.Give play to the leading role of party branches.Lvpan village “two committees” team in the town party committee and government support, many teams to Fangcheng to investigate the morchella project, invited planting experts to the village field inspection, after testing confirmed that The land suitable for morchella cultivation in Lvpan village, immediately carried out multi-channel extensive publicity and mobilization in the village.Under the leadership of the Party branch, the establishment of lvpan hongwei farmer professional planting cooperative, large farmers and surrounding farmers have participated in the invitation of Fangcheng professional and technical personnel to train members of the cooperative.In order to integrate land resources, Lvpan village set up to the village “two committees” team, village group leader of the special task force, door to door to do the work, integration of 200 acres of sand and wasteland as a planting base.With the scale enlargement of morchella industry, active docking Lv Pan village market demand, in the construction of village halls breeding workshop, swallow the industry chain, integration of professional cooperatives, planting large and follow villager, technology, management and market advantages of resources, make industry development information exchange, market share, mutual benefit, a preliminary scale effect and brand effect.People in the surrounding areas were widely involved.Lvpan grand farmers professional planting cooperatives after the establishment of the village, “two committees” cadres take the lead in buying shares, encourage the village and the surrounding planting households to participate, attract 3 village masses to buy shares and employment in the form of participation.A farmer said he transferred his land to the village and came here to pick morels at harvest time, earning 60 to 80 yuan a day. He was very satisfied to take care of his family and make money at the same time.So far, Lv Pan morchella planting has been leading the three villages of more than 70 households difficult people an annual income of ten thousand yuan of above, the village collective economic income increased by more than 50000 yuan, at the same time, the zhuang town morchella characteristic industry development member of united party branch also put three administrative villages, industry leaders, planting large into each joint group, make unified arrangement deployment,We have embarked on a road of revitalization featuring strong industries, collective development and common prosperity for all villagers.Since March this year, Lv Pan village 110 greenhouses of morchae harvest, each greenhouse is expected to give bacteria 700 jins to 800 jins, drying treatment after the price can reach 800 to 1200 yuan, according to the current situation of bacteria, shed income is expected to 40000 yuan, estimated total output value can reach 4 million yuan.The town party secretary xue-jun gao zhuang, said the next step, the zhuang town will through continuous integration of industry resources, expand the planting scale, perfect infrastructure, extending industrial chain, and let the morchella planting more “money” scene, efforts to make the pillar industry in the town of zhuang, make morchella ying zhuang village in the revitalization of industry revitalization of brand,To provide a solid industrial guarantee for the efficient development of rural revitalization.(Image.net Nanyang News Hotline: 18003713016, contributed email: yxwny2021@126.com)

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