The Chengdu Municipal Committee of zhigong Party has sent you the “Tiger (Fu)”!

On the occasion of the approaching Of the Spring Festival, on behalf of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of Zhigong Party and the city’s more than 800 zhigong Party members, I would like to extend my best wishes to all the comrades who have stuck to and fought hard in the united front of Chengdu.Looking back at 2021, it’s significant.As the “two Centenary Goals” converge in history, we have the honor to witness a milestone event in the history of the Party and the country. Every son and daughter of the Chinese people and every Chinese descendant is extremely proud of this event.This also deepens our understanding and recognition of the “five identities”.It is not only the ideological foundation for national unity, ethnic unity and social stability, but also a source of strengthening the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, carrying forward the Chinese spirit, and pooling Chinese strength.In 2021, the eighth Congress of The Zhigong Party was successfully held in Chengdu, and a new municipal Committee was elected.This is not only a summary of the past stage work achievements, but also the future of chengdu Zhigong Party’s career development.Looking ahead to 2022, there is a long way to go.I firmly believe that the strong leadership of the communist party of China (chengdu municipal party committee, provincial party committee will, in the city of the party member, under the support of the 8th of the chengdu city committee must continue to consolidate and develop political transition, companies, dashing, keep moving forward, in the new historical starting point to create a new situation of chengdu citizens’ work.We will resolutely pays special attention to the party’s sixth plenary of the 19th, ten session of the 11th provincial party committee, municipal party committee of the 13th session of the central committee, province, provincial party committee and ten times will be related to learning to grasp and implement the conference spirit, further firm ideal faith, build a common ideological basis, with the same as the central committee of the communist party of China, unite as one, to all the time, adhering to the “to” glorious tradition,Explorations of “overseas Chinese posters” era mission, earnestly implement participate, democratic supervision, political consultative three functions, practice of “four new” “miyoshi” requirement, strengthen the participating parties place the organization construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to bear the mission of higher political stance, stronger, greater efforts, and promote the development of high quality work on a new starting point,On the way of the new era, we will show our new achievements, promote the cause of Chengdu Zhigong Party to a new level, and make greater contribution to chengdu Zhigong New to promote chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng economic circle, Chengdu metropolitan circle and the construction of the park City demonstration area practicing the new development concept!Finally, wish our great motherland prosperity once again!Peace and prosperity!Wish you all good health!Work well!Happy family!All the best!Contribution: Zhigong Party Chengdu Municipal Committee click “read the original article” for more information click three to express like me

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