Have you been kicked out of the most expensive Chinese New Year holiday in history?

According to statistics, as of 9:05 PM on Jan 31, the total pre-sale box office of The first day of The 2022 Lunar New Year (Feb 1) officially exceeded 500 million yuan, reaching 50.1276 million yuan.Among them, “Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” topped the pre-sale box office.Reported that eight domestic film will be on the first day in 2022 (February 1) concentration, respectively is “watergate bridge of long jin lake”, “four seas”, “miracle, stupid kid”, “the killer is not very calm,” bears, returning to the earth “, “sniper”, “pleasant goat and Wolffy basket out of the future” and “tiger mound big hero”.”Watergate Bridge” is far ahead of eight other films in the race for the 2022 Spring Festival.According to data from Lighthouse Professional and Maoyan Professional, as of 17:00 on January 30, the number of pre-orders for the first day of the 2022 Chinese New Year exceeded 520,400, breaking the single-day record set in 2019.As of 9:49 PM on January 31, 2022, the pre-sale box office of the first day of the Year of the Tiger has exceeded 500 million yuan.Ticket prices continue to rise during this year’s Spring Festival.The average ticket price of lighthouse Pro from Feb. 1 to Feb. 3 was 58.3 won, 58.8 won, and 59.3 won, respectively. The average ticket price of “The Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” was more than 60 won.According to Lighthouse Professional, the average ticket price for the Spring Festival in 2021 was 48.9 yuan, while those for 2019, 2018 and 2017 were 44.7 yuan, 39.7 yuan and 37.8 yuan.During the Spring Festival, ticket prices have been rising year after year.The most notable new release was “Watergate Bridge,” which earned 188 million yuan in pre-sales, 120 million yuan more than “Miracle and Stupid Kids,” which came in second.The trailer for “Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” shows a new and daunting mission: 7th Company completes the battle at Hagaru-ri, and then fights with 9th Company to attack the Watergate Bridge and stop the American retreat.In the storm and snow, the treacherous terrain of the Watergate Bridge is surging, and the heavily armed enemy is holding the favorable terrain and air supremacy. The American army is on full alert on the bridge deck, setting a trap, and the volunteer army is about to launch a comprehensive contest with the enemy.”Audiences will see a colder, hotter, bloodier and more brutal battle,” said Yu Dong, the film’s producer, chief producer and chairman of Bona Film Group.Currently, the top three presale box office films are Watergate Bridge, Wonder & Dumb Kids and Four Seas, showing a trend of “one super many strong”.In previous years, during the Spring Festival, the top films were mainly for families. After the withdrawal of “The Big Family”, “Shuimen Bridge of Changjin Lake” topped the list.The movie watergate Bridge has seen a surge in the number of people who want to see it and the pre-sale box office since its release.On January 24, the cast held a press conference.Wu Jing, who plays Wu Qianli, was unable to attend because of his work that day. He sent blessings to the brothers at the scene through the video, and completed a “reunion in space” with the brothers, and revealed: “The Watemate Bridge of Changjin Lake, there are seven companies of soldiers fearless of life and death, and there are seven companies of soldiers who know not to be daring.But what is worth remembering is the smile of the soldiers of the seventh Company!”Zhu Yawen, who plays the instructor Mei Sheng, said, “The reunion that Mei Sheng is looking forward to is to get together with his wife and daughter and teach her arithmetic.”Li Chen, who plays Yu Congrong, and Han Dongjun, who plays Ping He, say reunion means staying alive with the brothers of The seventh Company to win the battle.Spring Festival blockbusters “Changjin Lake of Watergate Bridge” screened the first American Marine division in panic to escape the 9th Corps of volunteers to block huacheng FM specially planned Cantonese audio book “Three fried Watergate Bridge” tells the story of the heroic fierce, songs and tears source: Daily Economic News, Guangzhou Daily

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