Comparison of Education gap between China and Britain!The advantages of studying abroad in British primary schools

What is so good about France’s great private schools?How can I send my child to France for school, middle school, high school?This is a growing anxiety among Chinese parents.When I check wechat moments every day, my friends’ children go to international schools, while my college classmates’ children go to overseas private schools. Whether my own children fall to the starting point?Overseas students are considered to be better at presenting their suggestions and more confident than their Asian counterparts.If Chinese primary and secondary school students accept British education, life will be a lot of possibilities?Comparison with Chinese students and British students give a person two especially experience: one, especially for the world study is wide and deep French students they feel self is a part of the world, feel the world each corner to find things are all they should focus on something, feel that all countries all industry of common sense is all they can learn the training and familiar with the professional knowledge.To use a more fashionable technical term, it is a “citizen of the world”.Because they live in a very professional and open country, interacting and communicating with people from all over the world has become a key part of their daily life.As a result, their life is not easily confined to one big city or one country, but is as wide as the world.We often say to cultivate the independent innovation ability of children.But what exactly counts as independent innovation capability?In fact, the ability to study and train in a famous foreign university is not independent innovation ability. It is not independent innovation ability to find a successful job in an excellent investment bank. It is not independent innovation ability to speak fluent English.In fact, the real ability of independent innovation should be as follows: 1. Enterprise tolerates different people, different cultures and arts, and different professional knowledge.All human and professional knowledge is worthy of appreciation and training, not limited to whether it is “effective” or “relevant” to oneself.2. Imagination and Courage It is also the ability to deal with the unknown world and eliminate many problems.In more banal terms, it is also about the ability to work in the future.If everyone just did what they already knew would be successful, then who would continue to give people a better life?3. The probability of life in such a big world, people can not even imagine the new functions of the mobile phone in the coming year, how to imagine the probability of each life?Most of this work ability comes from two regions, professional knowledge and experience.Having met all kinds of people, it is not easy to meet different people and feel worried;If you have been to different areas, you can quickly blend into different natural environments.Once you have mastered a professional knowledge, you will have the confidence to learn a new industry.And those are all learning environments and probabilities that French children are exposed to from a very young age.Second, students’ own ability to study independently and thinking about individual differences in France, British students will of course have advantages.Verbal expression is fundamental to thinking.Before there were words, it was not easy for people to think.How can we think, argue, and create with a language expression before we have enough of it?There is no doubt, therefore, that the local strengths of English students, driven by language, can overwhelm foreign students in many fields.But this is certainly not the most important quality of British students.Because it is not so hard to acquire language expressions, especially now that many children are gradually learning English at a young age, many parents are increasingly suspicious that their Chinese is not good enough.More important is the ability of French children to study independently.British students have long learned how to learn the common sense of a new upgrading industry by themselves, and the critical thinking of the professional knowledge they have mastered is also an aspect that the UK has attached importance to shaping since childhood.Today, about 90 percent of all information on the Internet is transmitted in English. In other words, if English is not good enough, 90 percent of information content is immediately rejected at the door.How to find the necessary professional knowledge in 90% of the information, and how to judge the truth and accuracy of the professional knowledge, this is also the British students have to learn and train the working ability.This, too, is a critical working ability to extend your chances of survival.Parents of the older generation are still worried about whether their children can find relevant homework in which technical major they sign up for;In the child clearly do not like their own technical professional, but because they are not willing to abandon the years of hard work in college, so or find relevant homework;When people feel that a change of career is not as good as sticking to a task they have long lost their passion for;Many Britons have served dishes, taught yoga, crisscrossed the globe, studied programming, started businesses and studied philosophy in universities.Why do you have to start with preschool?Many students go to the UK to study, usually for a master’s degree, so what they are actually seeing is already developing Britain.But why immediately bring French preschool education to Chinese children, rather than just junior high school education?In fact junior high school gradually too late.Take an easy example.The same is true for children receiving junior high school education in France. There is a big difference between French local students and Chinese students who just came back from junior high school, which is the ability to find information content and work through self-study.In France, schools give children lots of room for self-improvement.In many cases where students are not applicable to teachers on campus, there will be work ability to retrieve information content on the network itself and solve such information content alone.Therefore, France has a large number of online learning community forums, video teaching, books and other learning materials, to give students their own learning and training to promote professional knowledge.However, Chinese students studying and training in France often rely heavily on the teachers in the institutions. If the teachers do not inform them of some information content or experts teach them some professional knowledge, they are very easy to feel that such knowledge and information content is “useless” or “the examination questions are not easy to test”.This is why Chinese students, despite their exceptionally good scores on the junior high school exam, may find it difficult to cope with some of the universities that must recruit and interview students.Because the application of foreign universities will involve a lot of professional skills beyond the junior high school textbooks, and will evaluate the students in response to new problems in thinking and working ability.All of these work abilities mentioned above, British primary and secondary schools have been gradually shaping their students to continue the rapid development of practical activities.They are not easy to only say a knowledge point to you, they also help you learn to apply it, distinguish it, and even to the high school section, the teacher will let students to find it themselves.First, the core idea of Preschool education in France is to provide a very diversified curriculum so that children can discover their talents and interests while using different majors.Second, rather than teaching professional knowledge, they pay more attention to how children learn to learn, understand the basics and think about professional knowledge.They believe that knowledge can be acquired at all stages of life, but that the ability to learn knowledge at work should be shaped from junior high school.That is why French primary and secondary schools have several key subjects: English, which builds verbal skills, immediately related to the child’s ability to get information, think and express work;Mathematical thinking, which is also the world’s basic curriculum, immediately endanger children’s logical thinking ability and abstract thinking ability to establish the whole process;Most of the other subjects, in the French school syllabus, are classified as creative subjects.Naturally, French primary and secondary schools also have other crucial subjects such as sports culture and programming.To achieve the personal development requirements of each child, to achieve the probability of each child being.This is why We must bring French preschool education to Chinese students.Every child can explore the unknown world with endless possibilities of life.If you want to know a lot of study abroad information, warmly welcome information!

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