Chen He resources overflowing, two major dramas broadcast at the same time, netizens said that he has a talent for acting

During the Spring Festival, the big screen is very exciting, and the small screen is no exception. Several new dramas are aired in succession, and the lineup is also very powerful.Dressed up and Warm Holidays 2 are both doing well among the recent hit shows, and as the lead of these two shows, it’s natural to get some attention.Coincidentally, Chen He was involved in both works.In Dressed up, Chen He plays Lu Binbin, an advertising director.Because always likes to wear a hat, is called “lu hat” by subordinates.The role of Lu Binbin has earned Chen a lot of praise, and many netizens say they see the shadow of Zeng Xiaoxian.With witty remarks, bullying and crooked ideas, Lu Binbin does feel a little like Zeng Xiaoxian, but his character color is quite different. He is a bit like a woman in a woman’s house, which is rare for male characters on the screen.Because of this, many netizens said that Chen He’s acting breakthrough, after all, in the play, some of the performance of the characters really make people hate value soared, played to this extent, is also a little not easy.In Warm Holiday 2, Chen He plays an entrepreneur, Kong Lingqi, who is barely a domineering CEO.Sometimes it’s full of energy, sometimes it’s full of fun.In the drama, Chen He and Liu Tao have a lot of counterplay, he in order to get investment, use every trick in the book, and even staged a “lost in the way”.But sometimes the characters inevitably appear a little greasy, but more or contribute to happiness.”Warm Holiday 2″ is a sequel, so it is highly anticipated, the cast is good, there are a lot of jokes, the current online heat, many segments have become the focus of discussion, including Chen He’s performance.For those who have seen both Dressed up and Warm Holiday 2, Chen he has made a breakthrough in these two shows. At least to some extent, it takes a lot of courage for an already famous actor to play a sissy role.And the role of “oil and gas in oil”, a little attention can become the focus of ridicule.Thanks to the challenges of his role interpretation, Chen’s acting skills have received a steady stream of praise online.But perhaps it is Chen’s ability to sacrifice his image for his role that has led him to get dressed up and Warm Holiday 2.The former has Song Jia, Yuan Yongyi, Zhang Chao, Wang Yaoqing, the latter has Liu Tao, Yang L, Zhang Jiani, Cheng Xiao, such a luxury lineup, even if it is not big, the discussion will not be low.

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