Africa Cup of Nations Cameroon vs Egypt time: 2022-02-04 03:00

Cameroon Cameroon international rankings now is 51, Cameroon in the African cup of nations, the previous record is quite good, the previous five games unbeaten, Cameroon Cameroon currently on both ends are played a very good performance, and on the offensive end is relatively strong, such a game, Cameroon or clearly obvious advantages, the team should still occupy the initiative.Egypt Egypt is 58 in international rankings, game playing is not optimistic, in front of the last ten games scored three opponents, only the last two games were shaking hands with opponents, or Egypt’s overall situation is not ideal, and the game is to travel, Egypt is clearly face greater difficulty, teams want to benefit on the opponent is not easy.Summary of the battle, the data is generally the master let half of the initial concession, concessions are generally some weak.Of course, in terms of overall strength, the home team is better.Although the home team let the ball go shallow, but let the amplitude of the ball unchanged, the number of goals directly go shallow, the number of goals in the field is less.Recommended: 1.75 small

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