The week ahead begins with rain!Temperature fluctuations

With the genial sunshine, the temperature is gradually rising, everyone’s mood is bright!Weekend two days warm sun continued “guard”, such a good weather, the most suitable for washing and basking!But hurry up, because the weather is going to change next week…In the coming week, the weather will be up and down, so please pay attention to the latest weather information.Due to the influence of cold air and southwest warm and wet air, it is expected that there will be light to moderate rain and partial heavy rain in most areas of Our city from February 21 to 22, and the maximum temperature will drop by 5 ~ 7℃. There will be sleet and snow in high altitude areas in the north of Tengchong and The north of Longyang District.It will rain and cool down next week. Remember to bring an umbrella when you go out. You should pay attention to adding clothes in time to guard against catching a cold.Suggestions: 1. During the process of cooling, please pay attention to keep warm;2. The road is wet and slippery in low-temperature rainy weather, so please strengthen road safety management;Most towns will have frost on February 23, so flowers and economic trees and fruits should be protected against frost.Source: Baoshan Emergency response, Baoshan City meteorological Station finished editor: Li Meilan Responsible editor: Yang Qingzong about Baoshan News Network the wechat by the CPC Baoshan Municipal Party Committee propaganda Department Baoshan News network management, Baoshan News network is the fourth media under the management of baoshan Municipal Party committee and government.Follow this account and you will receive timely news and information from Baoshan.All rights reserved.Baoshan News Website tel: 0875-2135020 QQ: 3049779830 (wechat same number) Email:

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