Silver medal!China’s handsome young man has been punished by judges for quitting the entertainment industry to participate in the Winter Olympics

In fact, for so many years, few can hear the entertainment and show business in our country what inspirational true story.Although there are a lot of inspirational stories in the movie, but those are all performed by actors, and the circle seems to have nothing to take to loudly proclaim things, even if someone tells the entertainment circle, also want to cover the children’s two ears.But now is not the same, a young Chinese actress took part in the winter Olympic Games in Beijing, and the referee is very obvious on the winter Olympic Games for China team won a silver medal, but also the historic breakthrough of this project, before the Chinese team in this project has never won MEDALS.And the young player has a good chance of winning a gold medal in four years because he is only 17 years old.Su Yiming was born as the beloved of God, and is also known as a genius who is “chased and fed by God”. Other people can have only one talent, namely, god enjoys food, but Su Yiming has two talents.One is a talent for acting and one is a talent for athleticism. Anyway, it’s not hard to choose what to do. One is on CCTV6 movie channel, the other is on CCTV5 sports channel.He has been developing both since he was a child. He did not give up either of them. He developed and made progress at the same time.When he was 9 years old, he was selected by Tsui Hark to participate in the taking of Tiger Mountain, which was greatly praised by the director tsui Hark (after he won the silver medal, Tsui also sent his blessing at the first time). Therefore, he set his goal to enter the entertainment industry, but as a hobby of his own, he never gave up skiing.Later, he became a hot child star in “Your Highness the Wolf” with xiao Zhan and Li Qin.He is also determined to be admitted to the drama as an actor to do a star.From then on he is in the entertainment circle is like a duck in water development is extremely smooth, participated in a number of films and TV plays, a dazzling film star is rising.When Beijing won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, he suddenly felt he needed to do something for China’s ice and snow sports.So he dropped the movie and walked to the arena.He main project is snowboarding man slope surface barrier techniques and snowboarding big platform, because on skiing at an early age, and really is a talented player, so he quickly come to the world’s top by the two projects, also became the Chinese team gold project, and cry, he can draw every time playing because I grow too handsome.Su was the favorite to win the men’s snowboard slopestyle final on Feb 7, as he entered the final with 86.80 points after finishing first in the qualification.In the first round of the final, Su yiming still did the same maneuver as in the preliminary round, adding 2440 front somersault and then 1620. However, her performance in the prop area was not good enough, so she only got 78.38 points. Redmond Gerard of the United States ranked first with 83.25 points.Su yiming finished fourth out of 12 competitors.To clarify, men’s snowboarding slopestyle is three jumps each, with the best one as the final score.In the second round, Canada’s Max Parrott executed a difficult routine flawlessly, scoring 90.96 points.Su yiming took out his unique skills at the bottom of the box, and was the only one who successfully completed 5 consecutive 360 degrees. This 1800 was shocking to the audience, but the judges only gave 88.70 points in the end.In the third round, Both Max Parrott and Su yiming chose to finish conservatively, winning gold and silver respectively.On Feb. 14, Su yiming will compete in the snowboard big jump, another event in which China is expected to win gold.When asked about the low score given to him by the judges, he responded generously: ‘Thank you for your attention. I am very happy to have won the silver medal.’Su yiming is the handsome boy of snow sports, while Gu Ailing is the beautiful girl of snow sports. The age difference between them is a few months.In an interview with the media, Su yiming called out to Gu Ailing from a distance, hoping to have fun in the final.He told the media that they often train together, making people wonder.Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong won gold and silver MEDALS in the men’s 1,000m short-track speed skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics. World Number one Liu Shaolin of Hungary was the first to reach the finish line but was disqualified for foul play.Liu shaolin’s brother, Liu Shaoang, won the bronze medal and Wu Dajing finished fourth.

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