Kitajima: If you’re a boat, drifting is your destiny

Bei Dao, Chinese contemporary poet, one of the representatives of Misty poetry.Beidajima has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature several times, and has won the Swedish Pen Prize, the Pen West Center Free Writing Award, the Guggenheim Scholarship, and was elected honorary life fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.Representative works: “Answer”, “Everything”, “Strange Beach”……You do not return as scheduled, and that is the meaning of parting.The place where a man goes is his world.The world is as small as a street set/we meet, you nod/omit all the past/omit greetings/maybe joy is just a process/everything has ended……The Maple Tree and the Seven Stars I came to this world to see the sun and the blue horizon.If you are a boat, drifting is your destiny, don’t set foot on it.When Lu ren was there, he always thought there was an opportunity. In fact, life is subtraction.We were young then.Through the ruins of the ancient cypress pines, we came to the cliff.Bathed in the setting sun, calm as water, we look to the distant drift of clouds.In fact, nothing can be seen, the joys and sorrows of life far beyond the horizon, and overlooking is a youthful attitude.We had dreams then, about literature, about love, about traveling across the world.Now we drink late at night, the cups touch, are the sound of broken dreams.Everything is fate, everything is smoke, everything is the beginning of no end, everything is a fleeting pursuit.I am not familiar with this world.That’s not why I’m quiet.I still have many questions, ask the south, ask the hometown, ask the hope, ask the distance.I’m not familiar with the world.That is not the reason for my despair.I still have a lot of enthusiasm, to separate, to death, to yesterday, to peace.I’m not familiar with the world.That’s not why I’m fake.I still have a lot of sincerity, can not leave, can not put down, live, love.I’m not familiar with this World.

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