It’s been another Saturday you all know. What about you?

Dear Jimei, what did you do today?One morning, I had a leisurely yoga session live next to my plants and flowers, and then went out with my sisters to show off.(Of course, I wouldn’t dress like that on my own.)But going out with a bunch of bitches is something I’m gonna do just fine.Which bra?Maybe you’ll meet Mr. Right if you put bra’s picture here?HMMMM, which shoes to wear….?What is it?Lovely wind?Elegant wind?Romantic wind?Fashion?Gentle wind?Luxuriant wind?Pure wind?Intellectual wind?Modern wind?…?By the way, I recommend this lip scrub before applying makeup.Guess what perfume I’m wearing?….Last look!I’ve been wandering around all day looking at my booty and now, it’s dark, do you think I should go GinTonic alone or call a goblin out?

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