Driving into flower beds is the fault of tired driving

Drivers driving for a long time will appear fatigue, very prone to traffic accidents, coupled with poor rest, a sleepy, the danger will come.In a word Fatigue driving is not workable Here are such fatigue on February 15, 10 cases with about 30 points, seven squadron is anxian county public security bureau traffic police brigade received a traffic police brigade command center, said in anxian county, rui city state road, has a small white car ran into the flower bed and vehicles is impaired, no one was injured.Seven squadron police quickly arrived at the scene after the discovery, there is a white Mg car sideways hit the isolation of the flower bed, flower bed trees broken, damage to the front.Fortunately, the driver was wearing a seat belt and was unhurt.Driver, said sun had 11 o ‘clock last night with just the girlfriend nearby for a drive, drive until the next day at 8 a.m. to girlfriend home, no rest, because of the lack of sleep, send a girlfriend back home, he was driving car to dozed in sowing state road, then the accident happened.After understanding the incident, the police criticized the education of Sun mou, according to the relevant provisions, continuous driving motor vehicle more than 4 hours did not stop to rest, or stop rest time less than 20 minutes is illegal, Sun mou belongs to serious fatigue driving, causing a traffic accident should bear full responsibility for the accident.Make sure you get enough sleep the day before you drive and don’t stay up late.◆ Long distance driving, try to find a partner, take turns driving.◆ Arrange driving time scientifically, try to avoid driving at night, especially in the early morning hours, and pay attention to avoid afternoon hours in the daytime.◆ Pay attention to the combination of work and rest. Drive for no more than 4 hours continuously during the day. After that, park in a safe area and rest for at least 20 minutes.If night driving is required, the continuous driving time should not exceed 2 hours.◆ To avoid driving in one position for a long time, so as not to induce fatigue caused by muscle stiffness, you can adjust the sitting position and take a deep breath while driving.◆ If fatigue or sleepiness occurs on the way, you can open the window to breathe fresh air or drink coffee and other refreshing drinks.The safest way is to stop in a safe zone, get off to exercise muscles such as waist and legs, neck and shoulder, and wait for fatigue relief before hitting the road.Driving while tired can be dangerous and can lead to serious accidents if you are not careful.Traffic police tip: When you hold the steering wheel that moment, life is in your hands, we must remember safety first!Driving for a long time, fatigue is a normal physiological reaction of the human body, please arrange the trip reasonably, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and do not start again after a good rest.

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