China’s first Winter Olympics gold!Five athletes escorted the national flag around the field, Wang Meng shouted: My eyes are ruler

Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Qu Chunyu and Fan Kexin won the first gold medal for China at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 5.The Chinese team advanced to the semi-finals before is really very very wonderful, although they are the world’s no. 1 team, and once broke the record, but the Chinese team in the semi-finals was completely surpassed by the United States team and the Russian Olympic Committee team.However, both teams committed fouls, and their serious fouls led to a close call for The Chinese team to reach the final. At that time, the Chinese team also replaced Fan Kexin with Zhang Yuting in the semi-final, wanting to preserve his strength, a decision that almost went wrong.But in the final, China’s Fan Kexin had to start all over again after a crash at the start.To fight again after the new fan can only in the third, but after handover bar to QuChunYu power overtaking, immediately rushed to the first, the next President of all and Wu Dajing is very domineering, the two will be straight back to the first position, finally ten laps, the Chinese team has kept at the first.Such a handover is very important, then Wu Dajing and Fan Kexin carried out an important handover, the handover is indeed steady, to help the Chinese team or ranked first.Then Hungary and Italy fell down, so it was China and Italy fighting for the championship, and then Italy launched a mad chase on China, trying to overtake China.In the last two laps, Wu dajing and the Italian team had a positive dialogue. In the final sprint stage, Wu Dajing was almost overtaken by Italy, but China still kept the advantage, which was also the first precious gold medal for us as the host country.During the competition, Wang Meng shouted wildly: “You can always trust the Chinese short track speed skating team!”Wang Meng was still Shouting: “My eyes are rulers. We have won the gold medal.”After waiting for the referee to announce the result, China’s five relay members chose to escort the national flag to salute the audience, which was also very touching.Congratulations should be given to Qu Chunyu, Fan Kexin, Zhang Yuting, Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei for winning the 14th gold medal in The history of the Winter Olympics and the first gold medal for the Chinese team.

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