Barcelona surged past the reigning champions to fourth place after Arsenal gave up two goals and a 19-year-old World Cup winner 4-1

Beijing time on February 20, 2022 at 23:15 in the la Liga 25th round of a very worthy of attention, by the Spanish league six times champion, ranked 12th before the game of the powerhouse Valencia in their own home PK ranked sixth before the game of the giants Barcelona.Before the game Barca suffered two consecutive draws, the state is not good, and Valencia in the last 3 games 2 draws and 1 loss, the state is also not very good, but Barca has won the last two against Valencia, which may let Barca have more confidence.At home valencia played in a 4-4-2 formation, led by Douro, Gedes, Moriba, Gilamon, while Soler, Hill, Fulchier, Diacabi also got the opportunity to start, in addition to Adrete, Gaja, Mamadashvili also started together, while Barca played in a 4-3-3 formation,By Ferran – Torres, Aubameyang, Frankie – de Jong, Alba co-lead the starting, while Dembele, Busquet, Garvey, Garcia also got the opportunity to start, in addition to Araujo, Durst, Terstegen also started together.The Arsenal stopper opened barca’s scoring account in the 23rd minute when alba’s pinpoint cross from the back found Aubameyang in front of him, who then ran into the right of the penalty area and fired home.Barcelona took a two-goal lead in the 32nd minute when Frank de Jong rounded on dembele’s cross from the right of the penalty area and volleyed home from close range.The game in the 38th minute, Aubameyang in front of the empty goal, the first half of aubameyang staged a double play.In the 52nd minute, Soler made a diving header from close range and Valencia pulled one back.In the 63rd minute, the 19-year-old pedrie blasted home from the outside to extend Barca’s three-goal lead.Barca finally win, after this game barca has 42 points with the defending champion Atletico Madrid, at the same time with the advantage of goal difference behind Atletico Madrid to fourth, to know that Barca still has a game less than Atletico Madrid, and only behind betis third one point, the top four of la Liga has changed overnight.

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