Zhukou Town taikang holds “Rural Revitalization Competition” on Chinese New Year’s Eve

On January 31, the Lunar New Year’s Eve, Xing Xiaodong hurried to zhukou town government to participate in the town branch secretary “rural revitalization contest”.The conference room was filled with village party secretaries.There was a silence in the room, as everyone was thinking about what they were going to say.At 8:30 a.m., the tournament began.”In 2022, I want to expand the size of our village’s chicken abietylum and morchella cultivation to 300 mu, so that the villagers’ per capita income break through 10,000 yuan……”Xing Xiaodong, secretary of douzhuang Administrative village Branch of Zhukou Town, was the first to give a speech. His words won rounds of applause, and the audience members took up pens to write down evaluation scores on the column of “Rural revitalization” in the comprehensive evaluation Method of Quantitative assessment of Rural revitalization work.In the past few years since Xing took office as the village branch secretary in 2018, he has led the villagers to become rich by developing industries such as abietylum, morchella, greenhouse vegetables and grape picking, according to the report.In the promotion of rural revitalization, the village branch secretary undertakes the tasks of village reform, development and stability, which is a great responsibility.At the beginning of 2021, in order to make the village branch secretary of zhukou town move and become stronger, the Party Committee and government of Zhukou Town signed the “Quantitative assessment comprehensive evaluation Responsibility Letter for Rural revitalization work” with 52 administrative villages in the town from 12 aspects such as “grassroots Party building, industrial development, practical work for the people, spiritual civilization construction and improvement of living environment”.On the morning of January 31, the town party committee and government decided to hold a whole town village branch secretary “rural revitalization contest” in the town government conference room.The second speaker was Zhou Yongqiang, secretary of the Administrative village branch of Zhouzhai.According to its introduction, in recent years, in order to change the village living environment and villagers spiritual and cultural life, Zhouzhai village has invested a lot of human and material resources.Concluded the village rules and regulations, the establishment of the red and white council, planting green seedlings, village appearance has undergone earth-shaking changes, the degree of civilization of the villagers has also been greatly improved.”Before, the ans village young people married hospitality, less than 40 or 50 tables, more than a hundred tables, light hospitality will have to spend more than 100 million yuan.But now, villagers get married and have no more than 10 tables of guests, costing less than 20,000 yuan, saving five times more than before.””In 2022, our village plans to develop another 500 mu chrysanthemum industry, a 300 mu vegetable greenhouse, through the integration of planting, sales and processing, so that villagers can get jobs at home, like workers to receive wages every month.”Speaking of the future, Zhou Yongqiang full of confidence, the scene broke out a burst of thunderous applause.Xianfeng Administrative Village, Guozhuang Administrative Village, Hanlou administrative village……Each administrative village branch secretary in turn appeared on the stage, drying achievements, words in the future, make every trick in the book.According to the village branch secretary’s speech and prior field observation situation, the contest finally selected zhouzhai administrative village, xianfeng administrative village and Dashi administrative village and other 10 administrative villages for 12, 13, the winning village branch secretary dressed in red, walked on the podium to receive the award, all with a smile on their faces.”In 2022, come on!We’ll be having the Tourney here this time next year.”Shi Bangxian, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhukou Town, stepped onto the podium to send New Year’s greetings to everyone. He thanked everyone for their hard work and efforts in the past year, and agreed with everyone on the tournament schedule and road map for next year.(Miao Haibo, Li Dongdong, Wang Huixing)

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