Xinyi: Spring Breeze, organ party construction helps enterprises “off to a good start”

Spring breeze to warm all things Su, the resumption of work and production.Jiangsu xinyi municipal committee of the municipal authority committee continues to deepen the practice of “4 m” promote the construction of “four”, to “for the first and the only” traction in total for work, actively carry out the party “in the spring breeze, authority power enterprises start” activities, called for the mobilization of the municipal authority party organizations give full play to their role as the battle fortress and cutting edge exemplary role of party members, into the enterprise, and came to a line,Send jobs, send policies, send services, to help enterprises solve their worries and expectations, with high-quality party building to inject “red momentum” into economic development.On February 14th, the Party Committee of xinyi Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau opened a series of activities themed “spring Breeze action” with the working method of “three points and one line”.Through the “five vehicles together” and the webcast job fair, such as the through train for returning home employment, the employment policy publicity vehicle, the enterprise recruitment caravan, the quality enterprise viewing vehicle, and the live online hire car with post, the company publicized and recommended high-quality enterprise positions to the vast number of job seekers, helped enterprises solve the employment problems, and helped enterprises stabilize employment and resume production.Up to now, a total of 90,000 leaflets have been issued, nearly 6,000 jobs have been offered, more than 10,000 people have been consulted, and 3,080 people have initially reached employment intentions.From February 7 to 16, the General Party branch of the Xinyi Federation of Trade Unions gave full play to the advantages of the trade union organization to contact widely and serve workers, and carried out the “learning law to protect stability to celebrate the 20th” theme of migrant workers learning law activities, by setting up publicity boards, distributing legal publicity materials, on-site answers and other ways,For the migrant workers, detailed introduction of the civil Code, Labor Contract Law, Regulations on Guaranteeing wage Payment for Migrant Workers and other laws and regulations closely related to the production and life of migrant workers, legal remedies and other legal knowledge, enhance the awareness of enterprises to employ workers in accordance with the law and migrant workers to protect their rights according to law.At the same time, it also gives full play to the advantages of new media in popularizing the law. Online platforms such as wechat public account are used to release cartoons and micro videos that meet the needs of migrant workers in order to deliver legal knowledge to migrant workers and further expand the coverage of publicity on the popularization of law.”Tax housekeeper” accurate service increase confidence at the beginning of spring, the paper selects xinyi city tax bureau party committee actively implement manufacturing high quality development in the city and create a national development zone kick-off requirements, organization members service to manufacturing enterprises to carry out field visits, door-to-door publicity preferential tax policies, send “tax housekeeper” intimate services, promoting the development of manufacturing high quality.Special guidance groups provide face-to-face guidance to enterprises, giving them guidance on additional deduction of R&D expenses and VAT retention against tax rebates, so as to support the steady and healthy development of enterprises.Focus on manufacturing key projects, the establishment “the tax housekeeping service team of party members, prior to the operation of the project, by the” pursuit of link accurately calculate taxes, specialist follow up prompt remind “as the main content of” tax housekeeper “system, key projects of key projects for the whole process, the whole process tracking service, to carry out the tax policy, dissolve all kinds of risks, enhancing enterprise development confidence.In 2022, the Municipal Party Committee will continue to promote the practice of “four million” to promote the “four construction” activities, widely launched organ party members into the front line, service to the masses, service enterprises, with high-quality organ party construction to help xinyi high-quality development, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th victory held!

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