The Lakers could be a blessing in disguise!23+10+3+2+1 superstar explosion, he let lebron get plenty of rest

The Los Angeles Lakers have suffered a number of injuries this season, which have pushed them out of the top eight in the Western Conference.Right now, many fans aren’t worried about the lakers winning championships, they’re worried about the lakers making the playoffs this year, and on their current form, they’re very dangerous.Although there are three giants, but their lineup running-in degree and collocation are problems, not by people think.Another bad news for the Lakers today.Not a single player other than Lebron James has been named to the All-Star Game. Before that, Westbrook and Timberlake have been regular all-star players, timberlake has won eight consecutive All-Star games, and Westbrook has had many more.It’s just as well that the Lakers only have Lebron James on the all-star team because westbrook has been a bit of a bummer this season, and the fact that he wasn’t on the all-star team was expected by many fans.So far, he is still able to play 23+10+3+2+1, and the percentage has no difference in the championship season, but now the ability to shoot three points is declining, why not make him an All-Star?There are a number of reasons. One is that he did struggle in the early part of the season because of the weight gain and the defensive slide.The second is that his shooting ability has weakened this season, he hasn’t been a superstar at the end, and the lakers have had a bad year, so it’s no surprise that he’s not an All-Star.But don’t really think Big Eyebrows don’t have All-Star power.He’s averaging 29+11+3+3 since returning from his injury in Minnesota, which is what an All-Star starter can do.He did everything he could against Embiid, and even blew it out of the water. It’s clear he’s been working hard since the injury, getting his weight down, and getting his defense and shooting back to the level of his championship season.He’s a real all-star starter right now, just not selected this season for a variety of reasons, and he’s a much better player than garland and Wiggins, that’s for sure.The lakers were surprised that only Lebron James made the all-star team, as Vogel agreed.In the upcoming games, Eyebrows will definitely show his best, giving everyone around the league a glimpse of how good he really is.After all, he was the only super scorer on the team. Carmelo Anthony and Monk were strong scorers, but they didn’t play very consistently. The most powerful power supply for the Lakers is Memee, and James will be almost the same when he comes back.In championship seasons, Brow is the team’s leading scorer, the fact is here.Lebron could get plenty of rest because of this incident, but it will also allow Lebron to get plenty of rest, after all, James is 37 years old, his body is not as strong as 27 years old, he needs to rest.If you want lebron James to be the same as he was before, he’s going to have to rest as much as he can for the next game.After all, James is the soul of the team, if he goes down this season, then the Lakers will never get out of the West, or even into the playoffs, without James, the Lakers will be extremely difficult to play Portland, which can be imagined how important he is for the Lakers.To sum up, the lakers now situation is more dangerous, they need to determine the first and second unit, after James comeback here think less need to stagger the playing time, the monk said starting position, after all, James and monk and roll is very damaging, the monk’s defense and shooting ability than little better,It’s not that Monk is better than Westbrook, it’s that Monk is a better starter than Westbrook.There may be a move before the trade deadline, but the lakers will need to make some roster adjustments.Follow @xue said basketball, provide you with quality article viewing service, KAN ball I am serious ~ the pictures of this article are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete

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