Stupid and incompetent!Kerr is going to play Kuminga at center. He’s already eaten up the golden State bonuses

When the Warriors burst onto the scene in 2015, no one thought they could win a championship with the 3-point shot, but Curry’s sudden emergence broke the conventional wisdom, and the Warriors’ quick transition and cross play really stood out.But what is undeniable is that the total champion is also because the cavaliers Owen’s injury, the second year in a time facing the knight’s big three, and their root cause is the height of the paint is not enough, no one can limit this kind of the physical quality of the players, but coach cole is still in his own way.In interviews of short stature was asked about the warriors win will not become a hidden trouble, cole said “no way, now the alliance of all the teams in the small, you can see the lakers with Dwight Howard and small Jordan two big men, but they are not used, it’s the problem, my concept of tactics is very advanced,Because all the teams are playing small lineups now, I’m going to play kuminga at center. He can do that. I believe he has the ability.”Given that Kuminga is barely 2 meters tall and has yet to develop his overall muscle dimension because he is a rookie, who can a player like that stand up to inside center?Kerr now has the confidence of a man who made his name by eating his golden State bonuses. Now that Durant is gone and His coaching ability has been fully exposed when Steph Curry started suffering injuries, he’s really a bit of a dork.How did the team lose against the Clippers the other day?Kerr seems to have completely forgotten that Zubaz was shaquille O ‘Neal in the paint, because their height in the paint is so different.

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