“Spring Festival I am on duty” Linquan traffic police strictly check drunk driving do not relax, escort the masses to travel safely

During the Spring Festival, visiting relatives and friends is often accompanied by a round of wine.On such a happy and reunion day, it is inevitable to drink a little wine to spice up the fun.But do not drive after drinking, otherwise you can only and traffic police shu Shu together for the New Year!In order to ensure that the county people spent a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, Linquan County public Security Bureau traffic management brigade scientific deployment, organized to carry out strict investigation of drunk driving safety centralized rectification action.Traffic control brigade in urban areas, towns and villages and other places with more traffic intersections and hotels, KTV and other entertainment venues around the establishment of checkpoints, arrange the police on duty to carry out strict investigation of drunk driving action, action to take patrol control, set up cards, flexible change of renovation location, to strictly check drunk driving, drunk driving as traction.To lead the investigation and punishment of traffic violations such as overcrowding, fatigue driving, and licensing, we must resolutely discover, investigate and punish them together, and effectively form a high-pressure situation of strict investigation, strict supervision and strict punishment, so as to ensure travel safety and create a good road traffic environment for the masses.Ten people have been arrested since Spring Festival?Cui Tao at the gate of the ancient city community found chengguan street residents alcohol content of 215.0mg/100ml Li mou you in Yingxian Town Panzhuang found yingxian town residents alcohol content of 123.0mg/100ml Ming found in song Ji highway intersection traffic light north residents alcohol content of 87.0mg/100mlSun mou you found 78.0mg/100ml alcohol content in residents of Song Ji Town in the north of songji expressway traffic light Chen found 60.4mg/100ml alcohol content in residents of Song Ji Town in the 854 km of 220 National Road He Mou Guo found 60.4mg/100ml alcohol content in gushen Avenue residents of Wuhu CityThe alcohol content was 60.0mg/100ml Yin Mouhong seized in 018 county Road residents in the east of the city street alcohol content was 27.0mg/100ml Ma Mouwei seized in Aiting Residents of Zhang Xinzhen alcohol content was 27.0mg/100ml Liu Xiaolin seized in 345 National Road 863 km yinquan community residentsThe alcohol content was 23.0mg/100ml. Sun Mouhong found 21.5mg/100ml in the 851 km of National Highway 220. The alcohol content was 21.5mg/100ml.Where do we look for D.U.I.?The official duI schedule is: Every day, every night, all the time, 24 hours a day!Major intersections, rain or shine!As soon as you leave, they come out!Driver a cup of wine, relatives two lines of tears drunk driving harm harm yourself!Before you put down the glass and pick up the key, think about the family waiting for you.Reunion, safety can not forget!Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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