“RNG and LNG spring competition poster map” fire, Wu Sze Lok plus Bin art, full of gunpowder

Foreword: S12 season of the game has officially begun, I believe that the vast majority of players are concerned about the recent period of time of the spring game.LPL division of the war, the overall comprehensive state is very good, these days, everyone’s attention should still RNG clan, class as LPL division fully to China team, their overall performance is very stable, and the representative of the single player tiger is now in the domestic, everyone is looking forward to it can make up for the regret of the Asian games in 2018,This time for the national team.Before the match with LNG team started, the gunpowder smell of both sides was directly filled up, especially the LNG team poster, directly mocking 50 pieces of the order and Bin guidance.The posters of RNG and LNG are very popular. As the top team in LPL division, their overall popularity and enthusiasm are very high. In recent years, RNG team has experienced many personnel changes, from the peak of S8 season to the bottom of S9 and S10 season.To s11 season to regain the MSI championship, a lot of players are very excited, we are looking forward to the RNG team to win the world Finals championship that moment.S12 season RNG team again experienced some personnel changes, single player Tiger back to the middle, at the same time, introduced domestic single player Bin.This squad was known as the All-Chinese squad before the spring season began, and since then they have been very consistent, beating many top teams one after another.In single player tiger has become the focus of attention of all players, as you know, when the Asian games in 2018, originally single player in the tiger’s condition is very good, but because the RNG team of several other players want to play, all can’t be sent RNG team team, finally can only choose the condition of the xi night still can be hit single.And Xiaohu also became the RNG team that year did not have a champion’s medal only domestic players.Tiger got better and better as the match progressed, even crushing Knight earlier in the match.But in the ensuing confrontation, rookie gave the education, two games in a row basically can not get out of the tower, even single kill.Before the match with LNG team started, the tension between the two sides was full, especially the posters, RNG team did not make too much tension, basically now their posters are about the Winter Olympics, LNG team put all the rhythm on the surface.First of all, the main screen is a monkey and a tiger, at the same time, accompanied by monkey tiger action.This is a reminder of the middle tiger versus Doinb, and the monkey is holding the card, implying that they will have the upper hand.Then is the following action guidance and director, the first is action guidance Wu Shile, said is LNG team single player Arlo, was mocked by RNG team 50 pieces on the single.The director is Bin Ye-mou, and the name below is Bin Emo, which means that Arlo will take the lead in today’s road fight, and BI An will be beaten into isolation.This poster will all the rhythm of a lot of players, also said that the match has not started, the two sides of the gunpowder is so strong, I do not know in the match, LNG team will play what wonderful operation?After all, they are on a winning streak and no team has finished off LNG yet.Goodbye think posters of Lng team clear rhythm, full, will be on the single and in the two stalks are using incisively and vividly, especially single ALe 50 pieces, all the RNG team did some see deluding themselves ale although there are a lot of the above operations in the field, but in these two years of experience, the overall level of it has a very big improvement,Especially in the use of their signature green steel shadow, few players can deal with it.What do you guys think about this?

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