National football team to send “New Year gift”!2-0 down to Vietnam at half time!

Hu Jincai and Ruan Jinling scored respectively as China men’s soccer team fell 2-0 down after 17 minutes in the 8th round of the 12th round.This game in the starting lineup, Li Xiaopeng guidance sent the strongest lineup, Alan, Luo Guofu and Wu Lei partner forward, Dai Weijun replaced Hao Junmin starting, Wang Shanchao back to the familiar position of the left back!Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, the fans hope that the National football team can use a victory for everyone to send New Year’s blessing, did not think of 2 blunt let the fans brazen, 9 minutes Hu Jincai header, Vietnam 1-0 lead!Eight minutes later, Ruan Jinling helped Vietnam to increase the score, 2-0 China, then China in the field to take the initiative, repeatedly threatened the opponent’s gate, but only fruit, and Vietnam although in the field in the passive, but several counter-attacks or let China’s defense line surprised a cold sweat!In addition in the first half of the game, Xu Xin, Wu Xi and Luo Guofu respectively dyed yellow, which also left a small hidden danger to the second half!The National football team sent a “New Year’s gift” to the Chinese people at half time. Look forward to the National football team sending a New Year’s gift to the fans in the second half!

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