Liaoning has many ancient towns with rich historical backgrounds. Take a look

Liaoning has many ancient towns with rich historical backgrounds. Take a look.Fushun is an ancient city, nurhachi’s original capital place, is also the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, “Hetura” in the Manchu language is translated as “Henggang”, henggang is famous at home and abroad the first capital of the post-Jin regime.It is mostly the restoration of the old site, which is primitive and simple, reflecting the living conditions of Jurchen at that time and the political form of the post-Kim regime. The whole sightseeing site takes more than two hours. The enthronement ceremony in the afternoon is worth watching.The resort will be snow scenery, folk art, snow and ice entertainment integration, with minus 5 degrees of snow as the theme, and actively build “do not have to go to Panjin snow, Longjiang” region of the snow brand.In spring, summer and autumn, you can swing between the rice dream fields by boat. In winter, the northern land is snow-covered with minus 5 degrees Celsius in China. “Thousands of miles of ice, b&B, exquisite courtyard, independent soaking in the bath, all have their own decorative characteristics and theme characteristics.After the Qin and Han dynasties, each dynasty set up high-level administrative organs in the old City of Kaiyuan. In the late Ming Dynasty, manchuria was increasingly prosperous. In order to improve the defense ability, brick city was built in the east of the old earth city, which is today’s Kaiyuan Old City.Original city square, the wall three zhangs 5 feet high, around 13 li 20 step, only when the whole northeast area is smaller than the second largest city in liaoyang, the city has four gates and the wall above four turrets, the whole tower majestic, but after that, the war happens often, until the disintegration of cultural revolution, the castle was destroyed.It’s very green and antique, not very commercial. I like it.Built in the early Ming Dynasty (1428), it is located in the west of Xingcheng city. It is one of the four Ancient Cities of Ming Dynasty preserved in China. The ancient city was once a frontier stronghold, where Yuan Chonghuan, the General of Ming Dynasty, was repeatedly defeated by the Qing army.Xing-cheng ancient city is a square, gray walls is constructed, the southeast northwest each have the gates of the city wall, each about 800 meters long wall, build a fort, the corners of the wall can see terrible red yi artillery, the ancient city is free, centered around the drum tower extends to four blocks, and the streets of the city are covered with bluestone, put on either side of the memorial arch in the Ming dynasty and the ancient houses together,It’s all so ancient.Built during Ming xuande three years (in 1428), was built command Ye Xing families, basic is square castle, 510 meters, north and south 502 meters, 10 meters, wall set up three gates, not the north gate, built true guanque tower, has been destroyed by war, the folkway, of the ancient city of the enthusiasm, because look at the old buildings, please don’t miss!

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