Just now, Musk said he would launch three big rockets a day to transfer one million tons of supplies to Mars

Jin lei bo Vivian from concave the temple qubit | public QbitAI in just, musk back “rocket”, with his big speech after two and a half years.Related to the latest developments in SpaceX’s Starship: 50 more launches this year and a “three-a-day” pace in the future.If it passes NASA’s environmental assessment by the end of the month, it could fly as soon as next month.In 2023, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will travel around the moon on a starship.It’s more relevant to Musk’s ultimate goal: to “make it real” by landing humans on Mars.So in order to realize this dream, “Academician Ma” starship go to what step?How will it develop?At the mars-bound starship, Musk drew applause by showing three sets of new data: 144 successful launches 106 successful landings 83 reusable launches (verified by flight).Musk went on to say that the starship will aim for 50 more launches this year.That translates to an average of one launch a week.Based on that, Musk made his next estimate from the spot: the total mass in orbit around the world so far is 15,517 tons.If a starship launches an average of three times a week, 15,500 tons of material can be launched into orbit in a year.Similarly, if a starship launched three times a day, the total mass would be about 110,000 tons a year.With 10 starships, the tonnage would be about 1.1 million tons.According to Musk, the rocket’s boosters take only two minutes to launch and four minutes to return.Reusing a rocket ship (which continues into orbit after separation) takes about six to eight hours.That’s how starships can launch three times a day.Musk then gave an update on the starship.In appearance, the starship is now 50 meters tall and 9 meters in diameter.It had a fuel reserve of 1,200 metric tons, propulsion of 1,500 metric tons and a payload capacity of 100-150 metric tons.Musk said the data would be updated over time to reach Mars.Next, Musk introduced the world’s largest Heat Shield.The heat shield is one of the keys to safety during a starship flight, but musk said dismissedly at the scene that the seemingly high-tech part has the technology, so it doesn’t cost much, and it’s reusable and automated.Musk then introduced Orbital Refilling, another key technology to fly to Mars.The process is similar to “in-flight refueling,” in which a spacecraft is “refueled” in orbit for a trip to distant Mars.”This is a technology that SapceX is very good at,” Musk said.Then there’s the Super Heavy, the starship’s boosters, whose specs are detailed below: Currently, the Super Heavy contains 29 engines, but Musk says he will increase that number to 33 without increasing the diameter.Finally, the engine, the Raptor V2, is described in a phrase as “simpler, more powerful.”With fewer parts, the second Raptor achieves 230 tons of thrust, compared with 185 tons of the first Raptor.You can feel this:…Of course, Academician Ma not only introduced the latest progress of starship, but also revealed his ultimate goal.Why Is Mars Musk’s target?In the long run, we humans must become a multi-planetary species, eventually even beyond the solar system.Mr Musk opened the conference with a point he has always made.This, he explains, is one of the reasons he has kept SpaceX going, as well as his “future of life” : the sun will eventually expand and destroy the Earth, where there are too many problems for humanity to solve.So, to survive in the long term, humans need to learn more about things beyond our own planet.Mars’s first target was Mars.At the meeting, he said terraforming another planet would take a lot of work.For Mars to be self-sufficient, for example, at least 1 million tons of material would have to be sent from Earth.Still, Musk was confident that one day we could turn Mars into an Earth-like planet.Of course, in addition to visions of the distant future, there are even closer planets and more recent missions: dearMoon.The plan is to orbit the moon in 2023, and Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has already bought a ticket for the entire trip as the first SpaceX passenger to orbit the moon.Now the ‘money sits’ billionaire is asking for a partner to travel to space and the moon with him.At the same time, Musk said Starship has signed a mission agreement with NASA to collaborate on a number of future manned space station missions.Finally, a short film of the starship crossing the solar system was shown.At the end of the video, as the screen gradually dropped, Musk reappeared onstage and said, “Let’s make this happen.”Musk first unveiled details of SpaceX’s Mars mission in September 2016 at the 67th International Astronautic Congress.That was also the year they tested their Starhopper spacecraft: in August 2020, the SN5 prototype climbed to a predetermined altitude of 150 meters, moved laterally to a nearby landing area while maintaining altitude, and landed safely and smoothly in about a minute.Just a month later, a different prototype completed the same mission again, demonstrating its repeatability in production and flight.However, due to a variety of technical difficulties, SpaceX rockets at the beginning, always with “blow up or not blow up” associated with.The SN8 spacecraft, launched in late 2020, exploded six minutes after liftoff, and Musk later said he “got all the data.”After that, the SN15 was a blast, with a fifth launch in May 2021 and a successful recovery.As we head into mid-2021, SpaceX’s rocket launches are flattening out.And with the conference over, will Musk and SpaceX really be able to make all their new goals real?Wait and see.Video: https://twitter.com/SpaceX/status/1491954065084805128 reference links:https://www.cnet.com/news-live/spacex-starship-event-live-every-major-announcement-from-elon-musks-update/ – the – qubitsQbitAI · Toutiao signed a contract to follow us, the first time to learn the cutting-edge technology trends

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