Huang Qisheng’s essay: Wisdom of Life Four signs of a person’s maturity

Four Signs of Maturity by Huang Qisheng Whether a person is mature, can grow up well, and win the “golden period” of life, may have the following four signs: First, recognize yourself.This is the primary test of maturity.Once heard such a sentence: “All the misfortunes of life are caused by the failure to recognize themselves.”In real life, many people find it easy to get to know others, but hard to know themselves, which leads to a lot of misshapen jokes and failures along the way.In light of this, it is especially important to know who you are.Know your place.If one stands in the wrong position, it is easy to lose sight of heaven and earth, and feel that the bustling dignitaries in front of him deserve it.How many people, once in power, become overconfident or blindly confident, which is to mistake the platform for skill.A wise man should know that what he has and what he is given are two different things, and they can’t talk about each other at all.Knowing your place is the key to avoiding arrogance and making fewer mistakes.Know your value.Most of the time, the direction is wrong, and then efforts are useless.Knowing your value and choosing the right direction is half the battle.There are no born mediocrity in this world, only those who are misplaced.The tortoise can never run faster than the hare on the ground, but it can always swim faster than the hare in the water.This proves a law, recognize their value, find the right platform and position, even if it is not the wood, also can become.Recognize your own abilities.The more stupid people are, the more likely they are to be self-righteous, arrogant, to do things beyond their ability, and ultimately suffer the pain of their own.The truly wise are those who can recognize the limits of their own abilities and do what they are comfortable with and can do.The most terrible thing about a person is not that he has no ability, but that he overestimates his ability and even overestimates himself to the point of blind confidence and omnipotence. The result is that there is no failure.Everything to know, based on their own ability, both to work hard, but also to do what one can, in order to take your time, always in an invincible position.Second, manage yourself well.I strongly agree with the following statement: “If you do not believe that restraint is the key to happiness, and you indulge yourself, you will lose your shirt.”An indispensable sign of maturity is managing yourself well.Watch your mouth.As the ancients said, “A close mouth catches no flies.”It’s true.A man who has no door in his mouth is apt to invite disaster.Such lessons have been common throughout history.As a person, in every word and deed, we should not “stray”, but take things in moderation.Talkiness is the gateway to disaster;Careful speech, sensitive action, is the foundation of success.A cultured and moral person is responsible for his own words and deeds.Be deliberate in what you say and do; be discreet in what you say and do.Only control their mouth, is the wisdom of life.Keep your hands to yourself.There are always temptations and desires in the big world.A little not careful, it is easy to control their hands, especially the leading cadres, it is likely to be desire led by the nose, or even by people “hunting”, become prisoners, fell into the abyss.Sometimes it’s just a step from heaven to hell.Only when a person knows how to be satisfied and keep the three bottom lines of morality, discipline and law, can he gain the most precious freedom in the world and live a natural and leisurely life with endless joy.Keep your mind in check.Is in the hustle and bustle, impetuous, anxious present, can withstand loneliness, keep the bitter, not affected by the interference of the outside world.Keep your mind, keep track of your goals and dreams, keep track of what you like and need to focus on, without distractions, persistent pursuit, keep your heart, steady god, truly “let the wind and waves rise, to sit on the fishing boat.”No matter centering, in the case of keeping the heart, through things to practice the heart, then, must be the strong life.Third, reflect on yourself.There is no perfect person in this world, less complaints, more self-reflection, is a mature required course.Often introspection, can grow sober.Read such a sentence: “never make mistakes is the rule of god, as few mistakes as possible is the goal of human, timely correction is a real wise man.”The biggest difference between people is not whether they make mistakes, but whether they can be corrected in time after making mistakes.Blame people, will only fall in the fault;Often introspective people, can move forward in reflection.People who do not know how to reflect will only fall from one pit of life into another pit. It is not only difficult to get out, but will get deeper and deeper, and the end is always sad.Be more introspective, in order to learn lessons from the failure, the lack of advantage.As the saying goes: those who complain are trapped, those who introspect are doomed.Fourth, work hard on yourself.A person mature, the most core of the sign, is to try their own.The growth of life, the need for guidance and help, but first of all to do an able man, do a prepared person.Because only you are good enough, enough hard work, noble people can see you, it is possible to “pull out a knife to help.Otherwise, people who are not excellent and do not work hard, even if they meet nobles, opportunities will not favor you, nobles will ignore you, and good luck will slip away from you.Compared with nobles, the most reliable or their own, hard work is their own more control.No pains, no gains.If you learn one more skill today, you will have one less thing to ask for later.Even if you don’t meet the right person, good luck will follow.Compared to others icing on the cake, constantly strive to own, is the best noble.No matter what the situation, you are the biggest backer.In short, the four signs of a person’s maturity complement each other and support each other.Recognize yourself, in order to correct positioning;Mind your own business to not lose direction;Reflect on yourself, to keep a clear head;Work hard, can have a wonderful life.Wish you friends, mutual encouragement!

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