Enjoy the flavor of New Year in the smoke invasion!The fifth day of the first month to continue to wrap reed boiled reed, Qinzhou street continues to lively

A lot of people think that zongzi is before the year to do things in fact, otherwise users “big red Stone” to share the fifth day of the New Year additional package zongzi process in the smoke invasion to enjoy the flavor of the New Year, before the Chinese New Year has packaged a large pot of zongzi, relatives and friends, the fifth day of the first month continue to pack zongzi boiled zongzi, a pot of zongzi cooked for more than 10 hours.Must be the cauldron rice dumplings in the countryside, burning firewood home package dumplings stuffing must be sufficient enough, sesame, mung beans, Chinese chestnut, taro, pork and so on five old street earlier this year to continue the lion dance, lively tea plucking, cantonese opera and other folk performing some said fifth special must don’t know whether I see chicken feet in qinzhou annual people opening day time is so fast,I’m ready to go to work. My parents have a car full of things, usually vegetables, chickens, fruits, taro. You from Qinzhou, are you ready to move bricks?

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