Chinese fables show skills

Today’s fable is “the artist presents skills”.This fable is based on liezi Shuofu.It reveals the reactionary rulers’ temperamental, capricious and abusive reactionary nature;Please don’t get any illusions about them.In the State of Song, an artist from all corners of the country asked to present his skills to Lord Yuan of song.Emperor Yuan received him and watched his artistic performance on the spot.He was bound to his calves with two sticks twice as long as his own body, and his legs came together, jumping and jumping with great agility.At the same time, he was dancing with his hands with seven daggers, tossing them up and down alternately, with two daggers in his hands and five in the air.Lord Yuan was amazed at this and immediately gave him a lot of gold, silver and cloth.There is also a jianghu artist, he can perform a kind of light as flying swallow play.After hearing of this, he also asked Emperor Yuan of Song to perform his art.Unexpectedly, Lord Yuan of the Song dynasty flew into a rage and said angrily: “A few days ago, a man presented his skills to me. His skills were of no practical use, but I gave him a lot of gold, silver and cloth for nothing on a whim.Today, the charlatan must have come to hear the news.Still looking for a reward?What a dream!”Say that finish, make a person catch this artist up, prepare to kill.As a result, after more than a month in prison, he was exonerated of the death penalty and released.

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