Wen Ping, the two generals loyal to Jingzhou, deserves praise, while the other is more loyal

In 208, Liu Biao died of a serious illness before Cao Cao invaded Jingzhou.CAI MAO et al private Liu Cong based.Although Liu Biao was the Lord of Jingzhou, he died miserably without seeing his eldest son Liu Qi for the last time.After his death, the surrender faction led by CAI MAO Zhang Yun urged Liu Cong to surrender to Cao Cao in Kaicheng, and the nine counties of Jingxiang all others.CAI MAO for Liu Jingsheng’s brother-in-law, even if not according to Liu Biao will liu Qi as the main, but also to help Liu Cong resist Cao Cao, guarding Jingzhou.As CAI MAO was the first to surrender, others, such as Zhang Yun, Quine Yue, Fu Xun, Wang Can, etc.However, jingzhou after all, a large number of talented people, although most of them chose to submit to Cao Cao, but there are still two more backbone, worthy of praise.Loyal to jingzhou’s two generals, wen ping is worthy of praise, and the other is more loyal!Wenping wenping appeared when Liu Bei was crossing the river with his people. At this time, Liu Bei led the people to the gate of xiangyang city, Shouting that Liu Cong would open the door and leave the people behind.But CAI MAO and others feared it would seize the city, they ordered random arrows shot.Wei Yan scolded CAI MAO for being a traitor. Then he led his troops to break through the city gate, dropped the drawbridge and welcomed Liu Bei into the city.Wen Pin, probably a professional soldier, saw Wei Yan so unbridled that he hastily led his army to fight wei Yan.There was a scuffle between the two armies under the city gate. Wei Yan and Wenpin were engaged in a battle, but his soldiers were exhausted before he withdrew.This war shows that Wen Pin is devoted to his duty and is a qualified soldier.When CAI MAO and others saw Wei Yan Shouting abuse, they did not dare to attack. It can also be seen that CAI MAO, knowing that Wei Yan was no match for him, had to order Wenping to fight.Wei Yan can not win or lose the war, is also a strong player.Unfortunately, although wen engaged to protect the heart of the Lord, but after all, not Jingzhou high-level, had to silently look at the surrender of Cao Cao CAI MAO Zhang Yun and others.When Cao Cao arrived at Xiangyang, CAI MAO and others received all the awards, but Wenpin did not arrive. Cao Cao ordered his men to look for him, and Wenpin reluctantly came to see Cao Cao.Cao Cao opened the door and asked, “How late are you coming?”But Wen Ping replied, “I am a minister and cannot make my Lord protect the land. I feel sad and ashamed. I have no face and see my ears.”Then Wenpin burst into tears.Cao Cao also highly praised Wen Pin: “true loyal minister also!”Cao Cao appointed Wen Pin as prefect of Jiangxia, appointed him marquis guan nei, and opened the way for the army.Wen Ping was not only loyal to Liu Biao, but also to Jingzhou.After submitting to Cao Cao, Wen Pin defended Jingzhou and won many battles against Sun Quan and Guan Yu.Cao Cao relied on the general.Although wen fei was loyal and righteous, he finally chose to submit to Cao Cao. The following one could die with the old Lord, and could be called a loyal minister.When Cao Cao returned to the south and reached Fancheng, Wang Wei ordered his men to xiangyang to summon Liu Cong to meet him.Liu Cong was afraid of Cao Cao’s treacherousness, so he consulted with others.CAI MAO Zhang Yun urged Liu Cong to go to Fancheng, but Wang Wei secretly told Liu Cong: “Since the general has surrendered and Xuande has left, Cao Cao will be at his wits’ end.May the general strive to complete the strange troops, set in danger to attack it, exercise can be obtained.Held by the world, although the Central Plains is wide, can be considered.We must not lose this opportunity.”Liu Cong could not decide, so he told CAI MAO and others. CAI MAO was furious and said Wang Wei did not know the destiny of heaven.It can be said that Wang Wei saw cao Cao’s plot, as well as CAI MAO and others of the heart of rebellion, but Liu Cong young can not be in charge, Wang Wei can only scold CAI MAO and others as a thief, but can not change the situation of Liu Cong.After CAI MAO and his men had surrendered to Cao Cao, Liu Cong and his mother came to see him.Cao Cao originally agreed to grant Liu Cong as the Lord of Jingzhou, yongzhen hometown.At this time, Cao Cao ordered Liu Cong qingzhou governor, and immediately set out.Liu Cong dajing, said he would like to be the people, do not want to be far away from home.But at this time, I was already a dog, had to obey Cao Cao.Jingzhou officials only Wang Wei is willing to follow Liu Cong, the rest of the people will be sent to the mouth of the river will return.After Liu Cong left, Cao Cao ordered Yu Ban to lead light cavalry to kill Liu Cong.Mrs Chua hugged Liu Cong and cried.He ordered the sergeant to kill him.In anger, Wang Wei struggled with each other and was killed by the army.Wang Wei can protect the Lord to the north, which shows his loyalty. Unfortunately, wang Wei’s poor martial arts did not resist the prohibition, and died in the chaos with Liu Cong.Only sigh Liu Biao, Liu Cong two generations of Jingzhou Lord, encountered a disaster, only a forced to fall, a loyal Lord Wang Wei, so big Jingzhou only the two loyal?Imagine wang Weiru leading Liu Cong and others to go to Liu Bei, what will happen?

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