This time it’s Biden’s turn!The dollar hegemony declined before Russia fell, and Putin responded in kind

There are many major events taking place in the world, among which the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine has drawn wide attention from the international community.As time goes on, a showdown between Russia and the West is on the verge of boiling over, with both sides battling back and forth on multiple fronts, with neither side willing to back down.In the meantime, Mr. Biden’s western camp never tried to cool tensions.Instead, they issued a series of sanctions, using the advantage of public opinion to fan the flames, in an attempt to bring Russia to its knees in the fields of economy, public opinion, energy and so on.The good news is that Mr Putin was well informed and fully prepared even before sanctions were imposed.Unbridled sanctions threaten to bite back, Russia is standing tall, the dollar is about to fall from grace, and Putin’s wrath is directed at the west.In the fermentation stage of the situation, the United States spared no effort to exaggerate the “threat theory”, incite the tension of the whole West, and the whole West colluded together to form a rope to fight against Russia.Biden has spearheaded four rounds of sanctions so far.It mainly involves Russian energy, foreign trade and economic development.To everyone’s surprise, after the ban on Russian energy imports, oil prices in the US and Europe soared.As Biden’s dominance faltered, mass demonstrations broke out across Europe, and chaos, defiance and anger spread across the continent.On March 30th Dmitry Medvedev, chairman of Russia’s Federal Security Council, said that the dollar and euro would soon lose their role as the world’s reserve currencies and that a “new financial order” was coming.In the third quarter of last year, global dollar foreign exchange reserves fell 0.08 percent year on year, the lowest level in nearly 26 years, according to the International Monetary Fund.Outside analysis points out that the US wantonly brandished the sanction stick over the years, which has caused a great impact on its international image and reputation, leading to the loss of trust in the US by most countries around the world. However, the US did not realize this situation now, otherwise it would not have imposed such severe sanctions on Russia.Russia’s anger in the face of the West’s hot pursuit, as a “fighting nation” Russia is also not to be outdone, in the spare time to deal with the conflict, immediately implemented a series of countermeasures.Recently, Putin signed a presidential decree, including the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and 48 countries and regions on the list of “unfriendly countries and regions.”On March 23rd Mr Putin went so far as to say that all unfriendly countries that want to buy Russian gas must use the rouble, or they will stop supplying it.The move played a decisive role in stabilizing the ruble’s exchange rate, which remained depressed under the combined pressure of the US and Europe.But after the decree, the rouble bottomed out and rebounded.On March 28, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced visa sanctions on unfriendly countries and regions, massively restricting the difficulty of their citizens to enter Russia.I believe that in the near future, the Russia-Ukraine conflict can be effectively resolved, and Russia can tide over the difficulties under the blockade of the West!Part of the information reference source:

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