Monthly Report on New Media of Government Affairs (January 2022)

Introduction According to qingbo big data – new media index platform statistics, collection of county government affairs wechat operation data, background statistics, operation, analysis, calculate WCI (wechat influence index), and on this basis issued liangdang County government affairs wechat ranking in January, please refer to!Tip: If the official wechat account of your unit is not included, please contact us to join the ranking (contact number: 0939-7121171).New media Influence list in Liangdang County in January, “Longnan Liangdang Xipo Town” ranked first, “Longnan Liangdang Station Erxiang Town” ranked second, “Longnan Liangdang Yangdian Town” ranked third.County straight list, “Longnan Liangdang release” ranked first, “Liangdang public security” ranked second, “Liangdang public security traffic police” ranked third.Township list county straight wechat hot articles in January county straight wechat hot articles list, a total of 7 accounts on the list, including “Longnan liangdan release” on the list of 4,”Longnan Liangdang People’s Congress Office”, “Longnan Liangdang Organization Department”, “Liangdang County People’s Hospital”, “Longnan Liangdang Mutiny Memorial hall”, “Longnan Liangdang People’s And Social Bureau”, “Liangdang public security traffic police” each listed 1.Township hot list, a total of 6 accounts on the list, Xipo town on the list of 3, Chengguan Town, Guangjin workstation, Zuohometown, station lane town, Yangdian town on the list of 1.In the wechat account list of the county in January, “Longnan Liangdan release” ranked first with high activity, WCI index 682.74.”Longnan liangdang release” article: “Liangdang county” fu “” longevity” publicity logo please vote!”It has been read 8734 times, topping the list of hot articles.The rest of the listed accounts can basically maintain a stable frequency of information transmission and gain users’ attention with rich information service content.Hope each township, agatanoatae units in ranking for reference and motivation, further improve the consciousness of network ideological work, initiative, applied continuously to strengthen the construction of government affairs of the new media platform, timely release authoritative information, service, communication, the masses of the people’s livelihood, improve competent host government credibility of the new media network propaganda position, the propagation force and influence.Vigorously carry forward the positive energy on the Internet, sing the main melody, to build a good online public opinion environment for the comprehensive construction of beautiful two.WCI formula: where, R is the total number of all articles (n) read during the evaluation period;Z is the total number of likes for all articles (n) in the evaluation period;D is the number of days included in the evaluation period (generally 7 days in a week, 30 days in a month, 365 days in a year, and other user-defined periods are calculated based on the actual number of days).N is the number of articles sent by the account during the evaluation period;Rmax and Zmax are the highest number of views and likes of the articles posted by the account during the evaluation period.Description of the list: 1. Data on the list are from “CiBO Index – New media Big data Platform” 2. Data collection period: January 1 — January 31, 2022

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