Made in Qingdao!The Name of Ice and Snow, a WINTER Olympic-themed TV series, premiered on The fifth day of the lunar New Year

Source: Qingdao Daily Editor: Fu Yi 2022-02-05 11:13:07″Ice and snow in the name of” annual fifth premiere, focusing on two generations of snow and ice Beijing Olympic legend has just opened, state administration of radio, film and games theme key play “in the name of ice and snow” on February 5th (fifth) sum up the 7:30 every night launched in Beijing TV, zhejiang TV, jiangsu satellite TV, jilin TV, hebei TV, heilongjiang TV broadcast,Cctv-8 special support on February 12 at 22:00 broadcast, Youku, iQiyi, Tencent video at 22:00 synchronous update.The drama is jointly produced by China Cultural Investment Holdings Co., LTD., Poly Pictures, Qingdao Theme Cultural Investment Center and several film and television companies in Sichuan, Hebei, Jilin and Beijing, and distributed by Qingdao Feile Film and Television.As the only “officially authorized TV series of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee” during the Winter Olympics, The Name of Ice and Snow is based on the story of two generations of Chinese ice and snow athletes, presenting the sports legends of speed skating, figure skating and other athletes.Qingdao is not only the co-producer but also the drama’s distributor, promoting the Winter Olympics from the perspective of film and television industry, and joining the symphony of China’s winter sports era.The key drama, the legend of ice and snow “The Name of Ice and snow” to China’s two generations of ice and snow athletes as the protagonist, tells the story of their glory for the motherland to overcome difficulties, with sweat and tears cast the road to the Winter Olympics burning competitive story.The play is divided into two, the next two: the first “Frozen Love” by Chen Ruoxuan, Peng Xiaolan, Liu Tianzuo starring shao Bing, MAO Junjie invited to play, “figure skating” as the theme.Next “Winter Olympics dream” by Ou Hao, Liang Jie, Yi Liyuan starring, Jiang Xin, Gao Yalin invited to play, “short track speed skating” as the theme.In the poster for the show, the original figure skater stands gracefully on the ice and looks forward, soft and determined.Modern speed skater, wearing Chinese red “armor”, holding up the first gesture, a symbol of victory and glory;The screen adopts cool and calm colors and warm colors of retro soft to correspond to each other, presenting the 40 years of development of Ice and snow sports in China and two generations through the structure and color of the screen, which highlights the grand theme of the series “relay and inheritance of sports spirit”.As one of the “Our New Era” themed TV series launched by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the Name of Ice and Snow has attracted much attention.Qingdao Theme Cultural Investment Center is the first theme cultural industry venture capital fund in China, which is invested by Qingdao Guiding fund.Jia Wenjie, a partner of the fund, said that he noticed the project “The Name of Ice and Snow” because it is an official project authorized by the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, which is in line with the positioning of the investment center.”Our investment center mainly focuses on those film and television projects that reflect the spirit of The Times. ‘The Name of Ice and Snow’ is a national theme, and the cast and script have been strictly approved, with a sense of The Times. The leading cast is also composed of high-quality actors, positive and sunny.The series will start shooting in the winter of 2021. The creators interviewed many of China’s first generation of Winter Olympic athletes, world champions and national team coaches to gain an in-depth understanding and discussion of the development process of China’s ice and snow sports, centering on the theme of “breakthrough and inheritance”.”This drama has been shot in Beijing, Changchun, Harbin and other places of professional ice and snow venues, to the end of December last year, broadcast in February this year, the time is very tight, finally catch up with the winter Olympics broadcast, can be said to be very successful.”The Name of Ice and Snow, featuring ou Hao, Chen Ruoxuan and other high-quality young actors, reflects the youthful appearance of ice and snow sports.Ou Hao said it was a great honor to play the role in The Name of Ice and Snow. “My character is Yan Yang, an athlete who loves short track speed skating.It is very difficult for actors to capture the essence of short track speed skating, and it takes a lot of time and energy for athletes to train on land and on ice.For me, learning short track speed skating is a big challenge.We still want to try to do it ourselves.”To the spirit of snow and ice in China, “the snow and ice in the name of” spend a lot of energy to restore the nineties of the last century the history of the texture, the actors from scratch to adapt to the professional training, after several months, from put on ice skates can’t stand up to can free sliding on the ice, they put China’s competitive spirit internalization and presented to the audience.For Qingdao film and television distribution industry, the name of ice and Snow is also very meaningful.The release of the play in Qingdao also means that the income generated by the play’s various broadcast platforms converge in Qingdao.The personage inside course of study expresses, this is a large project of income over 100 million, also be in recent years “Qingdao produces” in drama the head work with most gold content.In recent years, Qingdao has shot a number of heavyweight science fiction and fantasy blockbusters, and the shooting and distribution of drama series are also getting better.Through “The Name of Ice and Snow” for Qingdao film and television industry to form output value, but also let the industry see the professional ability of Qingdao to operate national film and television theme.(By Mi Jingyu, Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter)

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