Lianyungang Ganyu Mobile: “Ocean Satellite Broadband” weaving maritime communication network

“I used to be unable to use my mobile phone when I was in an emergency, but now I have it. I can tell my family when I am at sea, and I can share the process of fishing with my family and netizens at any time.”Sun, the boss of sugan Yu 05781 docked at Zwang Port, Ganyu District, Lianyungang City, is preparing for fishing by using the newly installed China Mobile Ocean satellite broadband equipment.It is understood that “China Mobile Ocean satellite broadband” is the overall solution of Marine mobile communication with independent intellectual property rights in China, which was first introduced by Ganyu Branch of Lianyungang Mobile in the province. The system has the advantages of information security, independent and controllable technology, high reliability, high performance and good user experience.Data package can be selected independently according to the needs of the captain and crew, business management can also be installed in the fishing port or dock online remote real name, net authentication without running to the business hall.Fishermen will be able to make calls or send text messages by installing an APP on their mobile phones.Call and data charges are charged according to data flow, without satellite communication charges. Meanwhile, APP can also provide data usage reminder and query, balance reminder, remote recharge and payment services.”Now we can send the process of fishing and harvest videos and photos to the land in real time. Through these videos and photos, we can negotiate prices and confirm orders with dealers in advance. Unlike before, we could only notify to pull goods when we arrived at the shore, which greatly increases work efficiency.””Said Xiao Zhang, a crew member who has already used the device.”Ocean satellite broadband” not only brings smooth network and voice communication experience, but also adds a “technological lock” to the safety of fishing boats at sea.In addition to the basic Internet access function, it also supports the access of fixed-line telephone, intelligent cloud broadcasting, mobile microphone, cockpit AI safety supervision and other functions, breaking the status quo of “information island at sea” in fishermen’s ocean production process, and realizing intelligent management of offshore engineering, operation platform, fishing, rescue, breeding and other industries.Marine power construction to a new level in response to the construction of Marine power “national strategy, mobile GanYu lianyungang branch to implement the duties and digital service advantages of state-owned enterprises, strengthen the communication network in the area covered,” move the family party shock brigade “against the sea breeze, braved the wind and rain, to overcome the antenna installation equipment, transmission quality requirements higher difficulties,The 700M5G base stations in coastal and surrounding fishing villages have been successfully opened, realizing a new mode of economic prosperity for fishermen in the e-commerce industry of fishing nets with left hand and Internet with right hand.Using information technology as a means for local structures, fishing port “wisdom” supervision system, by install smart spherical cameras on the fishing port areas, setting up regional invasion or fold line intelligent detection, fishing port operations and back to port, through smart ball machine to capture the staff on the fishing boats, ships and recognition analysis, is the escort fishermen out to sea.Smart mobile, practical for the people.Lianyungang Ganyu Mobile Branch will continue to inherit the red gene, anchor people’s yearning for a better life, do the masses’ practical work well, become the main force of local informatization and the leader of 5G development, deeply explore new models and new paths of Marine science and technology and industry development, and contribute mobile power to rural revitalization.(Correspondent: Wang Tingyue Jian)

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