Gullible online sales of winter Olympics souvenir information xiamen citizens cheated

Yesterday, the reporter learned from xiamen police, the recent xiamen citizens because of credulous online selling winter Olympics souvenir information deceived.Xiamen police have warned residents to consume rationally and not to buy winter Olympics souvenirs at high prices from scalpers.”Bing Dwen Dwen”, the mascot of the Winter Olympics, has become one of the most popular mascots in China.Ms. Yang, a citizen, especially likes Bingdendun, but she can’t buy it in offline stores or get it in online official flagship stores. Therefore, on February 5, when she heard her colleague say that someone on a short video website is selling winter Olympics souvenirs, Ms. Yang quickly asked for the wechat of the other party.When Yang contacted bing Dwen Dwen Dabao, he said he had bing Dwen Dwen dolls for sale for 100 yuan each.Yang ordered five “bingdwen Dwen” from bingdwen Dwen Dabao and paid 500 yuan via wechat.After the transaction was completed and another colleague wanted to buy it, Yang again bought two from Bing Dwen Dwen Dabao at 95 yuan each.However, when Yang contacted Bing Dwen Dwen Dabao again in the afternoon, she found that she had been blocked and realized she had been cheated.On the night that Ms. Yang was cheated, the winter Olympics flagship store issued a warm reminder through the wechat public account, in addition to saying that “the implementation of the purchase limit”, but also to remind everyone “do not buy from scalpers licensed goods at a high price”.In Ms. Yang suffered in the scam, the cheater is caught Ms. Yang eager to buy ice dun dun psychology, prior to the online release of false selling information, after obtaining the victim’s trust, and to their “spot” “preferential price” and other reasons to lure the victim to transfer money, when the completion of the operation will be the victim shield.It is understood that the case is being further investigated.Xiamen police reminded the general public, when buying winter Olympics souvenirs must be through official and formal channels to buy, do not believe the false information sold at low prices online, not to mention from the hands of scalpers to buy high prices, rational consumption, cautious transfer, so as not to be deceived.(Xiamen Daily Reporter Ke Kaijun Correspondent Hong Hengliang)

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