“Apple” sold too well is also trouble, how to do it?

At the beginning of 2022, Apple became the first company in the world to surpass the $3 trillion mark with a market capitalization of $3 trillion.If you have no idea what $3 trillion is, consider the GDP of Europe’s economic powerhouses;The UK’s 2020 GDP is $276 million, France’s $263 million and Germany’s $385 million.Apple just crossed the $1 trillion mark in 2018, tripling its value in just four years.The growing market cap is largely due to a 34.72% increase in apple product sales in 2021, with hardware revenue reaching $297.392 billion.Although Apple has been criticized for not innovating for nearly a decade, it has to be appreciated that apple’s products sell really well.How well do Apple products sell?The iPhone now accounts for 23 percent of the global mobile phone market and is expected to ship 170 million units in the first half of this year, with a full-year target of 300 million.The iPhone 13 series, released last fall, sold 86 million units in the fourth quarter.IPhone launch sites are often jammed, and some models can only be pre-ordered, resulting in long waits.Production was “severely” affected by a global shortage of capacity, otherwise shipments would have been much higher.To boost production of the iPhone 13, Apple even had to use components from ipads and older iPhone models, painfully cutting production of those products by 50%.It seems that selling too well is also a kind of obsession.Even the iPad, which is behind the iPhone on the production priority list, is selling well.A total of 169 million tablets were shipped worldwide in 2021.Apple’s iPad revenue was $31.862 billion, with 57.8 million units shipped, up 8.4 percent year on year and a 34.2 percent market share.Amid the chip crackdown, Huawei’s tablet shipments fell 32 per cent to 5.7% of the market, ranking fifth globally.Apple shipped 28.95 million PCS worldwide, ranking fourth with a market share of 8.5 percent, but had the highest growth rate of 28.3 percent among all brands.In October, Apple announced a new line of MacBook Pros with M1 Pro/M1 Max chips.Apple’s Mac revenue was $35.19 billion, and sales grew rapidly after the company used its M1 series of chips to better motivate apple fans, some developers and video workers.Apple’s iWatch smartwatch shipments reached 339 million units in 2020, ranking first in the world and accounting for 40% of the global market.Apple AirPods also took the top spot in the TWS market with a 23 percent share of the global market.Why do Apple’s hardware products sell so well?Apple has always dominated the high end of the market and is known for its high profits.The brand is not only favored by consumers, but also easily favored by suppliers with high profits.Now there is no competition from Huawei high-end models, which can be described as a unique existence.In A world beset by chip production capacity, Apple’s a-series chips and M-series processors all come from TSMC’s production lines.Currently, Apple owns almost three-quarters of TSMC’s 5nm production line, giving it absolute priority over other customers.Although Apple releases only a few new products a year, consumers scramble almost every time.Next time, apple is often accused of being “less innovative” than it used to be.What’s apple hiding and what’s in store for the future?

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