Warm Holiday 2 episode 22: Manager Xie, Manager Luo is coming

Cheng Miao and Yu Weiwei eat breakfast found yu Weiwei coffee is the store collection of varieties, Yu Weiwei feel to bring customers to the home stay, this is the reason deserved return.Cheng Miao envy Yu Weiwei has so many fans, Yu Weiwei said that if Cheng Miao wants to do, they are willing to give her resources.Yu Weiwei asked her if she wanted to sign with Ma Boyuan, Cheng Miao said she just with Ma Boyuan mentoring relationship, Yu Weiwei saw ma Boyuan last night to accompany Cheng Miao practice, she felt that the relationship between the two people is not so simple.When Ma Boyuan and Cheng Miao were practicing flying, they were filmed by swallows. After watching the video, Hu Mei was very upset. She talked to Cheng Buckwheat about what to do, but Cheng Buckwheat did not care about it.Xiao Xue tells Cheng Miao the truth. Cheng Miao asks Xiao Xue to tell Hu Mei that she is just practicing uav flying.Xiao Xue reminds Cheng Miao of being used, and Cheng Miao feels that he is not worthy of being used.Hu was even more worried when she learned that Cheng Miao was practicing drones, and she didn’t want him to give up skating.Ma Boyuan’s teammates asked him if he wanted to sign Cheng Miao as a flying player or if he liked her. Ma Boyuan said that he knew, and his teammates advised him not to mix business with personal affairs.Alai to find fault again, Ma Boyuan is unwilling to ignore him, alai said he wanted to go against him, is because he betrayed his trust, sold himself to a second-rate club.During the Spring Festival travel tickets can not buy, Xie always drove to Yabuli, he intends to die with Liao Ran knock to the end.With his partner to see Cheng Shu photos feel Cheng Shu looks very general, Xie always think Liao Ran is watching live see addiction, will want to rush now.Cheng Shu left, Wei Qi chat with Liao Ran, he felt that Liao Ran introversion is not suitable for cheng Shu as warm as fire, and Cheng Shu’s dream is to become an actor, if he arranged for Cheng Shu agent, to Cheng Shu opera, then cheng Shu will stay here to continue to operate home stay.Wei Qi Cheng Shu with Liao Ran’s feelings said to be dramatic encounter, and this makes Liao Ran very anxious.Hit liao Ran wei Qi in a good mood, but momo told him, luo will always come to yabuli.Wei Qi as the face of the company must always maintain stability, otherwise the company more than 200 employees of the rice bowl will not protect, what’s more, now the company is talking about mergers and acquisitions, in order not to let Wei Qi affect the company’s valuation, luo decided to personally stare at him.Weiqi dissatisfaction mo mo for their attitude, mo feel Weiqi should give up cheng Shu, rather than want to like dog skin paste with Cheng Shu.Mood agitated Cheng Shu to the gym sandbag, snow told her that there are guests to order food, but Liao Ran’s hand was injured.Cheng Shu hurried to see Liao Ran and ask the reason, liao Ran silence let Cheng Shu angry.Cheng Shu flurried to find Wei Qi for crimes, Wei Qi feel Liao Ran is playing the trick.Cheng Shu asked Wei Qi why there is a period of time in her broadcast room disappeared, Wei Qi said he left in order not to let Cheng Shu on little John.Wei Qi told Cheng Shu with tears, I regret having hurt Cheng Shu, he now does not ask Cheng Shu to forgive, just hope cheng Shu put him as an ordinary person.Wei Qi hugged Cheng Shu from behind, Cheng Shu struggled to run away.Tian Shuang injured cheng Man angry, Kong Lingqi advised her not to quarrel with Tian Kejian in front of Tian Shuang, Cheng Man let him go to see Tian Shuang, Kong Lingqi worried about tian Shuang misunderstanding the relationship between the two people, Cheng Man said Tian Shuang understand their aesthetic, and I don’t like kong Lingqi this.After the change of medicine tian Kejian told Tian Shuang, if the pain will cry out, Tian Shuang feel not so fragile, she said she never saw Cheng Man cry, Tian Kejian think will cry people hurt, Tian Shuang asked him if he loved Cheng Man, Tian Kejian said Cheng Man is too realistic.Cheng Man heard the dialogue between the two people, feel tian Kejian in intentionally slandered themselves, such as she asked tian Shuang after the injury, asked to talk to Tian Kejian alone.Kong Lingqi, who follows, chats with Tian Shuang, who says he wants to eat chocolate.

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