The first Great War in Chinese history

Date: 2700 BC Warring parties: Yellow Emperor and yan Emperor led by the Huxia alliance VS Chiyou led by the East Yi tribe of the cause of the war: for the leadership of the North China Plain Event: Yan Emperor migrated east to discover the fertile North China plain.But the Dongyi tribes from the east also came to the plain as they moved west.Contradiction occurred on both sides, Yan Emperor was defeated by Chiyou, shaanxi, Gansu region back.After returning home, Emperor Yan, together with The Yellow Emperor, led the Ancient Eight family alliance (the earliest Huaxia Alliance) to the North China plain.It was foggy when the two sides met in the Zulu region, now southwest of Hebei province.Yan Huang tribe because of the south-pointing cart, so the first set, and in the wind after, li Mu, big hong, often under the leadership of the generals to attack the East Yi tribe.Under the cover of the fog, plus the morale bonus of the war drum, the Chinese and Yellow tribes are as powerful as a rainbow.Because the Dongyi tribes failed to assemble in time, they were scattered and routed after being attacked.The Yan and Huang tribes took advantage of their victory and killed Chiyou, the leader of the Eastern Yi tribe.Most of the Dongyi tribes surrendered to the Yan and Huang tribes and later merged with the Huaxia.A few crossed the Huai River and continued to flee south, developing into today’s ethnic minorities.Impact of the war: The North China plain became the territory of the Yan and Huang tribes and the origin of the Yan and Huang descendants.

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