Heze Economic Development Zone: develop hard power with business soft environment

Dazhong · Poster news reporter Zhang Fang Trainee reporter Zheng Shuai Reporting business environment in Heze, “excellent” endless.Facts have proved that people, logistics and capital flow will rush in wherever the business environment is better.Heze economic development Zone is well versed in this way.In recent years, Heze economic Development Zone through the active laying of government-enterprise communication, problem solving, policy implementation of the “highway”, the city took the lead in the use of “second batch” system, provide “nanny type” services and other measures, in the whole area to build up a strong business environment “gravitational field”, for economic high-quality development momentum empowered.On February 17, the reporter of Dazhong website · Poster News walked into Heze Economic Development Zone Hanbang Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park. On one side, there were modern style, gray buildings, and enterprises were busy entering.One side is the tower crane towering, long arms waving, in full swing construction scene.He who would draw fish to water, he who would draw the phoenix to nest.By building industrial parks, Heze Economic Development Zone attracts investment from leading industries, introduces projects from leading enterprises and develops supporting industries from superior industries. The trend of industrial cluster gradually appears.Chengxin Semiconductor Co., LTD., which recently entered the industrial park, is a technology company specializing in semiconductor chip packaging, testing and product application. Its products are mainly used in 5G communication, automotive electronics, smart home and other related fields, and have industrial layout in Shanghai and Zhejiang.”In January 2022, our company signed a contract to settle in Heze Economic Development Zone. The overall project is planned to invest 1 billion YUAN and provide more than 300 jobs. After the project is put into operation, the market prospect is broad and the economic benefits are remarkable.During the whole negotiation and signing process, we deeply felt the sincerity of the opening zone and the warm heart service in all aspects. After signing the contract, the relevant departments of the opening zone have contacted us and asked whether our enterprises have encountered difficulties in settling in and how to help solve them, which greatly moved us.”Cheng Xin semiconductor Co., LTD. Wu Yong said.Wu Yong said bluntly that the development of an enterprise is not only related to the management level of the enterprise, but also depends on the business environment of the enterprise to a large extent.”Chip sealing test (electronic component manufacturing) is the industry with huge development potential in the past ten years, now the zone has created such a good environment for the development of our enterprises, our enterprises should also speed up, strive for an early production, return to the government and the masses.The enterprise is expected to complete the decoration of the first floor before March 18, and the equipment will enter the site before June to start production and create its own ‘China Core’ at full speed.”Behind the enterprise praise is heze Economic Development Zone around the work to reduce links, reduce time, reduce costs, reduce materials, excellent service, to optimize the business environment of a series of powerful measures.In order to help enterprises develop, improve service efficiency, Heze economic development zone innovation in the implementation of plant service mechanism, the industrial park staff sinking enterprise front line, as a good information member, liaison member, waiter and mediator, not only do the enterprise “strong support”, but also the enterprise “bosom friend”.At the same time, to take the “time limit” “the whole lead agent” and other special services, for the project units to save precious time, greatly shorten the process, truly shape the “development zone cadres” new image, and continue to polish the Heze economic development zone business environment this “golden sign”.”Business environment, the goal is’ business ‘, the focus is’ environment ‘.Heze economic development zone to optimize the business environment as a lifeline engineering, to create a high quality and efficiency of e-government environment, to build an shang businessman policy environment and to build livable appropriate industry of urban environment, to create a clear clear political environment, constant attention, for a long time for work, gather strength to build the most attractive area to invest in new heights.”Heze economic development Zone Party secretary, management committee director Lian Jianjun said.The careful building and continuous optimization of the business environment in Heze Economic Development Zone has turned into a force of development with both courage and tenacity, enabling the city to rise in energy level, and making this city, which is a city with a more high-spirited attitude, stride into a new voyage in the New Year.

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