Women’s basketball vs. France!Two new people to replace Wang Siyu Li Meng, Zheng Wei ushered in a huge test

At present, The Chinese Women’s Basketball Team is competing in the Qualification group of the World Cup. However, the Chinese women’s Basketball Team has successfully defeated Nigeria and Mali to get the ticket of the 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup. Therefore, the third match against France will not affect the Chinese women’s basketball team’s promotion road.How should The Chinese women’s basketball team respond to this match?There’s a lot to watch.But a war of France on the Chinese women’s basketball team is likely to be in terms of personnel adjustment, after the Chinese women’s basketball team has released a list of 14 people, but due to play each competition can only 12 people, so the WCBA finals MVP wang lili and popularity Wang Yangshu to are not able to enter the big list, this is also the fans more regret.But women’s basketball team after the first two games, there have been some injuries, in the last round match with Mali, have appeared on the Wang Siyu injuries, then also be adjusted, and women’s basketball team after the game’s core Li Meng bask in an injury situation of my own, also can see the two players were injured,Having already qualified for the 2022 World Cup, both players are unlikely to play in the next match against France, as their health is more important and the outcome of the match does not matter so much.So, the next round of the game against France in the list of the 12 National People’s Congress of the Chinese women’s basketball team will change, like wang lili and SUSIE to the two new Chinese women’s basketball team of the bride and groom will replace Li Meng and Wang Siyu into the list of the 12 National People’s Congress, it is for the new head coach of Chinese women’s basketball team Zheng Wei a huge challenge, although the game is not important,But what kind of athletics level in game play, let the fans are very concerned about, especially wang lili and SUSIE to, did not play in the first two games and into the game, the two people can have, what kind of play is worth looking forward to, at the same time, it is more important to look at women’s basketball team coach Zheng Wei in-game adjustments and working ability.Zheng Wei, head coach of The Chinese women’s basketball team, has been questioned by fans for her improvisability in the first two games. In both games, the Chinese team appeared to collapse in the fourth quarter, with no one coming forward and the team facing big problems.Now two more players to join, also will disturb Zheng Wei, for transfers-will the opponent or France, a game for the test of Zheng Wei, will be more big, so this is also a game Zheng Wei chance to prove themselves, under the situation of lack of two core how over France, this is the fans want to see.The split game will be in two.Monday at 1:00 in the morning which means the time, or very unfriendly?For those of you who love it, don’t miss this game.

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